Report of the Joint Benefits Committee

CUCEA/CUCRA Fall Meetings



1.      JBC Membership Reorganization


Due to several resignations, including the chair’s, since the April joint meeting, efforts have been underway for several months to bring the committee back to its full complement of 11 members. CUCRA has appointed Randolph Scott, retired executive director at the Office of the President-Human Resources. CUCEA has appointed Joel Dimsdale, professor emeritus, UCSD. The four CUCRA and CUCEA members have appointed Roger Anderson, professor emeritus, UCSC, and past chair of CUCEA.


With the committee at full strength, Roger Anderson has been elected by the seven appointed members to serve as chair.  Since Roger is unable to accept the chair’s responsibilities until next spring, Dick Attiyeh has agreed to serve as interim chair. 


The membership at this time is as follows:


Adrian Harris (UCLA)           Appointed by CUCRA

Randy Scott (UCOP)             Appointed by CUCRA

Joel Dimsdale (UCSD)           Appointed by CUCEA

Dan Mitchell (UCLA)                        Appointed by CUCEA


Louise Taylor (UCB)             Selected by JBC

Larry Pitts (UCSF/UCOP)     Selected by JBC

Roger Anderson (UCSC)        Selected by JBC


Lee Duffus (UCSC)                CUCRA Chair

Marianne Schnaubelt (UCI)    CUCRA Chair-Elect

Dick Attiyeh (UCSD)                        CUCEA Chair

Caroline Kane (UCB)             CUCEA Chair-Elect


2.      Beneficiary Designations for Retirement Accounts


The JBC continues to have concerns about the inability of current employees and retirees to designate tertiary beneficiaries in the Fidelity 403(B), 457(B), and DCP retirement accounts.  These plans enable account holders to designate primary and contingent (secondary), but not tertiary, beneficiaries.  It is the JBC’s intention to keep pursuing this matter in the hope that CUCEA and CUCRA can persuade the Office of the President to work with Fidelity so that account holders may designate tertiary beneficiaries.  (Note that a fuller discussion of this issue can be found in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 JBC reports.)  Meanwhile, the JBC recommends that an article be included in New Dimensions along the following lines:



Are Your Beneficiary Designations Up to Date?

It is important to periodically check to make certain that you have correctly designated

the beneficiaries of your UC pension and any 403(b), 457(b), and Defined Contribution

savings plans. Changes in marital status, the death of your spouse/partner or a child or

grandchild should likely trigger a change in beneficiaries. To confirm or change your

current designations, go to and click on My Beneficiary,

or call the Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) at 1-800-888-8267 for

assistance.  This is particularly important for any tertiary designations you may have made before 2005 when UC contracted with Fidelity for record keeping services.


3.     Directors and Officers Liability Insurance


In response to an earlier recommendation from the JBC, campus emeriti and retiree associations recently learned they are now eligible to apply for insurance coverage for liabilities that could arise in connection with the association-related activities of their leaders. Apparently, although the coverage would be paid for by UCOP, few campus organizations have applied for this insurance, and the October 3rd deadline for this cycle has passed. The JBC recommends that the Risk Management Office provide far greater notice about the application and annual renewal process. 


4.     Compensation of Emeriti and Retirees Recalled to Active Duty


The possibility exists that taxation of income earned by recalled retirees could be reduced by making payments in the form of contributions to their 403(B) account rather than as ordinary income. The JBC recommends that the chairs of CUCEA and CUCRA explore this possibility with appropriate UCOP staff.


5.     Hearing Aid Coverage


Hearing loss is common in the older population, and the cost of hearing aids continues

to rise. UC’s medical plans provide some coverage for hearing aids; however, it is not

clear whether our benefit structure has been increasing along with these costs. The JBC

recommends that UC’s emeriti and retiree associations survey their members to learn

how many retirees are using the hearing aid benefits, and what their average out of

pocket costs have been.