Dear Colleagues,


We learned at the Friday, July 10th, meeting of the UC Faculty Welfare Committee meeting that Assembly Constitutional Amendment 24 (ACA 24) and Senate Constitutional Amendment 21 (SCA 21) which would strip the Regents of their constitutional authority have been indefinitely deferred.  The action is attributed to an effective informational campaign conducted by the University with help from business leaders who expressed concern about the impact of legislative control on private research funding, contributions from philanthropists, and the University’s research.


Thanks to you and any of the emeriti (a) on your campus who may have contacted their representatives.  It is unlikely that the indefinite deferral of ACA 24 and SCA 21 will end the attempt to gain greater control over the University, particularly with the on going exploration of post employment retirement and health benefits.  Stay tuned.


Charles E. Hess

Chair, CUCEA