UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center (ERRC) report
CUCRA/CUCEA meeting, April 26 & 27, 2017

Retiree programs

Since April 2016, the ERRC offered the following programs for retirees:

§  First Fridays Technical Tutorial—offered every other month (June, August, October, December, February, April) with IT volunteers; implemented timed arrivals and time limit due to increased demand

§  Fidelity consultations—individual meetings with employees/retirees several times per month at ERRC

§  Estate Planning (September 9)—trusts and other estate documents

§  Understanding Bonds and the Bond Market (September 16)—offered by University Credit Union

§  Social Security (October 19)—offered by Fidelity guidance consultant

§  P.S. Arts workshop (Saturday, December 10)—hands-on arts workshop for grandparents/grandchildren

Š       Geffen Hall Plants Tour (2/16)—a UCLA professor emeritus leads periodic tours highlighting landscapes

Š       Memory class (Tuesdays, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14)—offered twice per year with UCLA Longevity Center

Š       Retirement Income Planning workshop (3/16)—offered by Fidelity guidance consultant

Retirement planning classes

Š       Path to Retirement workshops for faculty (Fridays, February 24, March 3, March 10)—offered in partnership with UCLA Faculty Retirement Liaison; topics included UCRP, retiree health plans, retirement income planning, emeriti rights and privileges and an emeriti panel; very well-received series

Š       Path to Retirement workshops for staff—Discussions continue with the Human Resources Department to develop similar workshops for staff; goal is to start the classes in winter 2018

Support for UCLA Retirees’ Association (UCLARA) and UCLA Emeriti Association

The ERRC continues to provide administrative support for the associations’ programs (monthly after-lunch programs, quarterly dinners, art shows, etc.), newsletters, awards, publicity efforts and other initiatives. The ERRC and representatives from both association boards met twice to discuss collaborative planning efforts; results of that meeting included association co-sponsorship of the after-lunch programs, tracking of attendance totals at all programs and a master planning calendar for all three entities.


The ERRC is working with on several initiatives:

Š       Development of coordinated outreach materials, including banners, brochures and other items

Š       “Steps to Retirement from UCLA” brochure, completed in January 2017

Š       Increased frequency of retiree e-newsletter to twice per month rather than once per month

Š       Write retirement articles for Staff Assembly e-newsletter and staff retirement info tables at their events


Š       Retiree privileges—The ERRC continues to facilitate retiree requests for parking permits with the Parking Office, ID cards with the BruinCard Office and email continuation with the Bruin Online Office.

Š       Notary services—free notary services for retirees can now resume; new staff person had to get certified

Š       Caregivers’ Support group—ERRC continues to support a caregivers’ support group (with the UCLA EA)

Š       Survivor outreach—we reach out to recent widows/widowers with condolence cards and phone calls

Š       Database—many hours have been spent cleaning up the database and entering missing records. With the two associations, the Center continues to explore options for an improved database

Š       Open Enrollment transition—The ERRC fielded numerous calls and emails from retirees who were frustrated by the PPO transition issues; most of the UC Center directors jointly wrote a letter to the RASC to suggest ideas for improve communication for future unanticipated situations such as this

Š       RASC Retirement Planning workshops—we worked with the Retirees’ Association to staff an informational table and provide introductory remarks, reaching 400+ attendees.

Š       Computers—the ERRC staff is delighted to report that the Academic Personnel IT office purchased new computers and double monitors for all three staff members.