Retirement Center


April 30 – May 1, 2014


The UC Berkeley Retirement Center is dedicated to developing programs and services that contribute to the wellbeing and creativity of retired faculty, staff and their families and that support the UC community. We are committed to service for the 13K retirees from UC Berkeley, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Office of the President to help the retirees stay connected, stay informed, stay well and stay in touch with their Cal family. We endeavor to support a more retirement friendly transition and experience for active employees, the retirees and the university. 


◙Retirement Center Director Retirement

On June 27, 2014, the Center’s Director, Patrick C. Cullinane, is retiring. After 46 years of professional service focused on supporting improvements in institutional and community responses to consumer needs, especially older consumers, and approaching age 72, the time has come for Patrick to practice what he has been preaching and cross the bridge to his next chapter in life.  The position has been posted and is being advertised with relevant gerontological associations whose members work with institutions of higher education. A search committee with representation from the four retiree associations is assisting the Office for the Faculty in the recruitment process.


Biennial Retiree Conference, May 15, 2014 – Registration Deadline May 5

An Aging America – Challenges and Opportunities


Jennifer Granholm, UC Berkeley Distinguished Practitioner of Law and Public Policy and Michigan’s 47th governor from 2003 to 2011 will keynote the conference. Her keynote address is, Cracking the Code: Creating Good Jobs in America in a Global Economy. Her address will be followed by seven expert workshop presentations.

The Future of Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease

More and more of the growing population of older adults continue to live into later life, and many are experiencing memory disorders. What does research tell us about aging and Alzheimer’s disease?

Sexuality, Intimacy & Aging

As we age, we experience changes in the physical and physiological aspects of sex. Older adults have a continuing need for an intimate, emotional connection to at least one other person. The presentation will address the factors that affect sexual intimacy as well as nonsexual intimacy among older adults.

Creative & Dramatic Options

Have you ever been inspired to write a play? Maybe you acted on stage, sang in a chorus or wrote stories years ago and want to try it again? Learn how to unlock your creative potential with Stagebridge Senior Theatre.



Living Arrangements and Aging in Place: Options, Costs, Resources

Older adults prefer to live where they lived for most of their life. When aging in place, how do we ensure our home is a safe place and that we continue to have quality of life? What are other options and what are the costs? Technology and Aging: Tablets and Twitter and Google, Oh My!

Technology changes the world we live in. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, smart phones, tablets, Google - what does it all mean? How do you decide what is relevant and useful?

Care Partners: The Journey of Caregiving and Carereceiving

This workshop will provide information on the spectrum of care from conversations and decision making before care is needed, to ways to minimize stress and maintain quality of life while receiving or providing care.

Writing One’s Story

So you want to write a memoir. Where to begin? And how? Join us to explore questions of scope, craft, and purpose. We’ll discuss the challenges and opportunities of turning life journeys, family tales, and professional discoveries into compelling stories with deeper meaning.


Registration: Registration fee of $35 includes continental breakfast, lunch, and parking. A conference reader is available for an additional $15. Contact the Center at 510-642-5461 or


Pre-Retirement Planning Program (PRP)

With the aging of baby boomer employees, registrations for the PRP continue to increase. This fall’s program had 180 registrations of active staff, faculty and Lab employees. Over six sessions covering 10 topics, the participants are provided expert commentary and a comprehensive reader organized by topic.


Learning in Retirement  (LIR)

The LIR Committee develops and offers free educational series every fall and spring semester.


Religious Uniformity and Diversity in the Ancient and Medieval Mediterranean -- Considering the interplay of monotheism and polytheism, orthodoxy and heterodoxy, East and West, in the era which witnessed the emergence and canonical definitions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Thursday, April 17 “The Biblical Struggle Toward Monotheism”

Robert Alter, Professor Emeritus of Hebrew and Comparative Literature

Tuesday, April 22 “Religious Pluralism in the Roman Empire: Did Judaism Test the Limits of Roman Tolerance?” Erich Gruen, Professor Emeritus History and Classics

Tuesday, April 29 “Islam in the Mediterranean: Empires, Religion, Communities, Identities” Ira Lapidus, Professor Emeritus of History and Islamic Studies

Tuesday, May 6 “Paganism, Christianity and Eastern Orthodoxy, 4th-15th Centuries” Maria Mavroudi, Professor of History an Classics


Retiree Housing

The City of Albany gave final unanimous approval for the multi-level, rental older adult housing facility. The facility will be located in Albany, CA on university property next to graduate student housing. An affiliation agreement between the university and Belmont Village addressing retiree priority admissions and the working relationship at the proposed facility on issues of research, education and service will be an addendum to the ground lease. Construction will begin in fall 2014 with a projected opening date of late 2015.




Transforming Retirement Initiative

The Center, its Policy Board and the Office for the Faculty continue work on transforming the retirement transition and planning experience on campus. With assistance of a graduate social welfare student, this summer we will complete work on a retirement friendly toolkit for faculty. The draft will be shared with Center directors from UCLA and UCD for review and improvement suggestions. The toolkit will be tested with select deans and department chairs while increasing the focus on the development of a staff toolkit.


Caregiver Support

The Center offers a retiree caregiver support group two hours every month in the Center office conference room.. The group addresses the unique needs of spouses and partners in addressing retiree caregiving needs.


Volunteer Fair

On Feb. 20th , the Center hosted a volunteer fair on campus with its community partner Coming of Age: Bay Area. Community and campus volunteer opportunities were highlighted for the around 70 retirees.


Financial Fair

In collaboration with other campus departments, the Center helped plan and participated in the Financial Fair on April 10. The free event offers the opportunity to visit with financial vendors affiliated with UC Berkeley, learn about campus resources, attend financial workshops, and win raffle prizes,


Annual Summer Picnic

The picnic is held in Berkeley’s Tilden Park. In good weather, the event draws over 100 participants.


Retiree Golf Outing

The Center inaugurated a golf outing last summer at the Berkeley Tilden Park golf course. Tilden Park golf course has again been selected for next summer’s outing.


Fidelity Investments

The Center facilitates private one-on-one sessions with Fidelity reps for retirees in the Center conference room. These sessions have proved to be very popular.


Other Activity

The Center continues to distribute a retiree ID card to enable retirees to access numerous campus discounts. A book club, museum tours and teas, a travel interest group round out the service offerings of the Center.


Fall CUCRA-CUCEA Meeting

The Center looks forward to working with the four retiree associations on hosting the fall meeting of CUCRA-CUCEA. The meetings will be held on campus in the Alumni House. More information will be provided at the UC Santa Barbara meeting.


Patrick C. Cullinane, Director