UC Irvine Emeriti Association (UCI EA) Report

CUCRA/CUCEA Meeting – Spring 2014


UCI EA has increased to 433 emeriti. The increase is due in part to the reports being sent to our Center for Emeriti & Retirees (Center) from Office of the President confirming retiree data.  The prior yearŐs decreases of benefits and retirement counseling staff at both the campus and medical center had resulted in a cessation of all data to our Center as to who was retiring.  With the new reports, we have reconnected with those we had lost contact with for the prior year.


Email Efficiency 

Through our Center for Emeriti and Retirees collaborations with our Office of Information Technology and dedicated volunteer help, we have a listserv specific to our emeriti with 406 emails currently in use.  This has greatly enhanced our communications.


Regular Meetings

We hold monthly Executive Committee meetings at the University Club on the second Thursday of each month at 10 a.m.. 


Update on Senior Living Community at UCI

Subsequent to an interest survey (three years ago), multiple discussions, informal meetings, and the creation of a formal campus committee on a potential Senior Community at UC Irvine, the has finalized  a formal relationship with an existing CCRC adjacent to the campus that will allow priority for emeriti, retirees and the parents of active faculty and staff.


Annual Meeting and Awards

The UCI EA Annual Meeting will be June 2, 2014 at the University Club and will feature Professor James McGaugh, Professor of Neurobiology & Behavior, as keynote speaker who among many notable items had a 60 Minutes episode, Nightly News, and Good Morning American trend his study of people who have highly superior autobiographical memories.   


In addition, two awards will be presented.   The first is the annual Excellence in Mentoring Award for active faculty.  The UCI EA Awards Committee reviewed over 15 outstanding nomination packets and chose Professor Kristen Monroe, Political Science, as this yearŐs recipient.  


In addition, the 2014 Outstanding Emeritus/a Award will be presented to :

Ruth Kluger, Professor Emerita European Languages and Studies

Norman Rostoker, Professor Emeritus Physics and Astronomy



Panunzio Award

We are also elated to be notified that one of the 2014 Constantine Panunzio Awards will presented to Professor Rein Taagepera, Political Science.



President:  Cal McLaughlin          Vice President:  Bill Parker          Email: emeriti@uci.edu