Berst, Charles LA UCLA Rep, Bio-Bib. Survey Ed.
Brinkerhoff, Dericksen R CUCEA Chair designate, Chair UCREA
Caserio, Marjorie SD CUCEA Information/Web Manager
Corriden, Janice SC UCSC Rep.
Craig, John SF CUCEA Chair
Goldfien, Alan SF UCSF Rep.
Hess, Charles D UCD Rep.
Jones, Norah LA CUCEA Archivist
Leitmann, George B UCB Vice Chair
Moldave, Kivie I Chair, UCIEA
Porter, Lyman I CUCEA Treasurer
Taylor, Louise B UCB Rep.
Timires, Paola B Chair, UCBEA
Waldron, Lawrence B CUCEA Secretary
Zytowski, Carl SB CUCEA Past Chair


Opening remarks and welcome to the CUCEA/CUCRA joint meeting
CUCEA Chair John Craig convened the Joint CUCEA/CUCRA meeting at 9:09 am. Charles Hess introduced UCD Provost Virginia Hinshaw who welcomed the Council members. She spoke of the growth of the Davis Campus to 30,000 students during a period of budget stress and of her appreciation of emeriti activities in the affairs of the campus.

Presentations by University Treasurer and Office of the President officials

University Treasurer David Russ reported on the status of the UCRP investments with handouts and reference to the Treasurer's website. Recent performance has been good for the most part, exceeding the benchmark by 0.29%, although high -income investments (which comprise only about 1% of the portfolio) did not do so well.

Michele French (Exec. Dir., HR & Benefits Policy) outlined the changes in 2005 health plan rates. Except for Pacific Care the rates for all plans will go down. The dental plan is unchanged. She then gave an extended overview of current problems that are of concern to all retirement and health care systems. In the private sector many plans have lost value and retirees are more dependent on public benefits. Two-tier plans, which have separate benefits for old and new employees, have been introduced. In the public sector under-funding of plans is common, defined benefit plans are folding (or being attacked), and benefits reduced. She reviewed some pending legislation. Retiree health plan costs are a growing problem. UC pays 82% and retirees pay 18% of retiree health costs, while the proportion of retirees to active employees grows. Presently 43% of the UC Academic Senate members are retirement eligible. Hospital costs have replaced drug costs as the main driver of medical cost increases. Ms. French's review was a valuable and cautionary one.

Associate Vice-President Judith Boyette stated that employee contributions to UCRS would be necessary within 3 to 5 years. She cited the continuing problems at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Joe Lewis (Mgr. Customer Service Ctr.) reported that customer service training for open enrollment (Nov. 1-30) is on-going and that on-line enrollment will replace that formerly done by telephone. He handed out instructions for on-line enrollment.

Report of the Joint Benefits Committee
Richard Jensen (Chair CUCRA) presented the report of the JBC (Chair Adrian Harris was unable to attend) which dealt largely with the disadvantaged financial plight of those who retired long ago when salaries were very low compared to present levels. UCRS pension adjustments are linked to cost-of -living rather than to wage levels as are Social Security benefits. It was the sense of the meeting that to strengthen the appeal for relief a better description is needed of the class of affected retirees.

Thanks to OP and adjournment
The Chair thanked the Office of the President's officials for their informative presentations and adjourned the meeting at 11:52 am.


Chair John Craig convened the CUCEA meeting at 1:15 pm.

Minutes of the April 28, 2004 meeting at UCSB
Secretary Waldron reported on the corrections he had made in response to the minutes as presented on the CUCEA website. After further minor corrections the minutes were approved. Secretary Waldron will have the corrected version posted on the website and a corrected copy sent to Archivist Norah Jones.

Date and location of the Spring 2005 meeting
Chair John Craig reported that the Spring 2005 meeting will be held on April 28, 2005 at UC San Diego.

Treasurer's report
Treasurer Lyman Porter distributed reports of the dues payment, the cash flow and a budget. He gave special thanks to the UCLA Association for supplying about one-third of our dues income. The net interest income for the year was $1671. Our net worth as of 8/31/04 was $23,336.86, not including the $1500 (2004-05) annual allotment from the Academic Council which the Treasurer credits as of 9/1 each year.
The simple budget, based on Treasurer's estimates, projects a small increase of about $1000 in worth, indicating a stable financial condition. The Treasurer's report was accepted and approved.

Archivist's report
Archivist Norah Jones described CUCEA's archive, which consists of three drawers of paper files at UCLA documenting activities since 1987. There is a guide to the archives under “Information” posted on the CUCEA website.

Historian's report
Carl Zytowski, filling in for Ralph Nair, who suffered a fall, presented the table of elected CUCEA officers extending from 1987 to date.

Information Officer/Web Manager's report
Information Officer/Web Manager Marjorie Caserio distributed a complete list of CUCEA officers, campus representatives & alternates, Association Presidents, campus Emeriti Center Directors, and CUCRA officers. The list is posted on the CUCEA website. She suggested that the announcements regarding the Panunzio Awards be posted on the website. It was also suggested that the Bio-Bib reports, with summaries, be posted on the site. The Council expressed its appreciation to Manager Caserio for ably handling this new position.

New Bylaws
Norah Jones, Chair of the Bylaws Revision Committee, made official presentation of the re-written CUCEA Bylaws. The text had previously been presented to the Council and all campus representatives have had opportunity to have their comments and suggestions considered. Since all campuses were represented at this meeting the approval, unanimously given, was final. The Council gave effusive thanks to the revising Committee consisting of Norah Jones, Charles Berst and Philip Levine.

Nominating Committee
A committee to nominate CUCEA officers for election at the Spring meeting will include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, and Past Chair Carl Zytowski.

Campus Reports
Reports, both oral and written, presented by campus representatives, reflected a variety of activities furthering the interests and enriching the lives of emeriti.

Bio-Bib Reports
Charles Berst reported that Moses Greenfield has now retired from the outstanding innovative efforts he has made in compiling Bio-Bib Reports and advocating the interests of emeriti. Charles is continuing the compiling of Reports and advocacy that he and Mo Greenfield have pioneered. He expressed his belief that the Bio-Bibs had even favorably influenced emeriti parking at UCLA, and noted that the Emeriti Center was unique among campus units in suffering no budget reduction!
The Council unanimously passed a motion of special thanks to Moses Greenfield and Charles Berst.

The meeting adjourned at 3:03 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lawrence Waldron, Secretary