CUCEA Meeting October 25, 2007

UCD, October 25, 2007

Chair Charles Berst convened the separate CUCEA meeting at 1 p.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING, 26 APRIL, 2007, UCI. Dericksen Brinkerhoff, acting secretary.

Louise Taylor noted two corrections. Paragraph two, penultimate sentence: "UCBEA was originally part of the Academic Senate," should read "UCBEA was supported by the Academic Senate." Paragraph three, first sentence, "Liability became an issue when UCBRA . . ." should read "UCRAB," for UC Retirees Association at Berkeley. She would delete: "For Information - Establishment of an Executive Committee to Retain Institutional Memory."

Ron Miller would amend his remarks on p. 2, "conflicts existed between the active and the retired," to read, "Infrequently there are conflicts between active and retired faculty." He would replace his statement "that UCIEA approved a UC level committee, not a UCI level committee," with "The UCIEA recommended and the UCI CFW approved a UC level standing committee with a seat on the Academic council, but the UCI CFW did not approve changing the UCI CFW Subcommittee on Emeriti Affairs to a separate council."

SPRING MEETING (APRIL 26, 2008): Southern Location. UCR will host the spring meeting. The consensus reached was to retain the format of joint fall and separate spring meetings, permitting CUCEA and CUCRA chairs in the spring to attend each others'meetings.

[NOTE. Subsequently CUCRA asked UCR to host them as well. Since UCREA and UCRRA are two of three constituencies served by a single halftime individual, Dericksen petitioned Chuck for a single meeting, to which officers and delegates agreed. The date was changed to April 17.]

NOMINATING COMMITTEE FOR NEW OFFICERS. The chair announced that former chairs will constitute the committee.

CUCEA REPRESENTATION ON THE PANUNZIO AWARD BOARD. Chuck Berst revealed that Paul Sheats, UCLA, will serve on the board, with Karl Zytowski and David Sprecher, both of UCSB, as backups. He will send a letter to the board stating that award eligibility, humanities and social sciences, should include art and music.

TREASURER'S REPORT. Lyman Porter assured us all was well, proven by his report covering dues payments, cash flow, net worth, and the budget.

INFORMATION OFFICER AND WEB MANAGER. The chair informed us that Marjorie Caserio, in absentia due to San Diego County fires, sent word from a shelter shared with horses and zebras, inter alia, that we all should check the CUCEA website for accuracy.

ARCHIVIST/HISTORIAN. Chuck distributed for Norah Jones, in absentia while recovering from an operation, her GUIDE TO THE ARCHIVES OF THE COUNCIL OF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA EMERITI ASSOCIATIONS, stating that the archives should receive campus EA records, et al .

CHAIR'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. The CUCEA chair has become an ex officio member of the UCRP Advisory Board. Louise described recent concerns of the UCFW, and CUCEA representation on its Health Care Task Force.

CAMPUS REPORTS. Several of the written reports received elaboration. Louise took the opportunity to ask EAs to complete the questionnaires on how they were supported. Charlie Hess told us that at Davis emeriti can vote if two-thirds of a department support doing so, and if a departmental majority favors it, emeriti may attend. When forwarding a vote, the chair should explain the role in the decision played by emeriti. He also recommends that the local EA president should attend new department chairs' meetings. Ron Miller added that at Irvine Julian Feldman conducted a campus survey of emeriti service on dissertation committees. He added that CUCEA service on the UCFW Health Care Task Force was an ongoing effort. Dericksen Brinkerhoff urged those about to earn emeritus status to join UCREA, and also UCRRA, at the final academic year Senate meeting. David Sprecher , whose SB report states members contributed over $2,000 to their annual undergraduate competition, attributed such success in part to signing personally each member's dues forms, which also resulted in an increase in paid memberships.

The remarks elicited further remarks. Errol Mauchlan (B) spoke to the first importance of continued good relations with HR & B in terms of carrots vs. sticks, saying, "We can't fault them for the fact that they don't reveal poor relations in all cases." Chuck Berst responded by proposing a letter of appreciation to Judy Boyette and her office. Louise said she and Dick would also write. She noted that, at a UCRS meeting, member Bob Anderson argued for equal funding of those retired in PERS, and a message to that effect should go to the Regents. Charlie encouraged us to keep careful identification and accounts of members, citing their importance in choosing the winner of the Davis Distinguished Emeritus Award.

Two other subjects were revisited. Chuck recommended three steps for maximum Biobib responses, snail mail, e-mail, and a reminder. Errol urged care in choosing emeriti for FW. "The best case is, we appoint. The worst is, they appoint some one who knows nothing and doesn't attend." We were requested to learn the selection process for divisional FW committees and to report back.

Chuck adjourned the meeting five minutes early at 2:55p.m.m with a resounding and triumphant crack of the CUCEA gavel.