Berst, Charles LA
Blattner, Robert J. LA
Brinkerhoff, Dericksen R
Caserio, Marjorie SD CUCEA Information Officer &Web Manager
Cohen, Lewis R
Comstock, W.R. SB
Corriden, Janice SC
Costantini, Ed D
Craig, John SF CUCEA Vice-Chair
Feldman, Julian I CUCEA Past Chair
Goldfien, Alan SF
Greenfield, Moses LA CUCEA Bio-Bib Editor & Honorary Member
Harris, Adrian LA Chair, Joint Benefits Committee
Jones, Norah LA CUCEA Archivist & Honorary Member
Moldave, Kivie I
Porter, Lyman I CUCEA Treasurer
Rosenblatt, Murray SD
Taylor, Louise B
Waldron, Larry B CUCEA Secretary & Past Chair
Zytowski, Carl SB CUCEA Chair

CUCEA Chair Carl Zytowski called the meeting to order at 1:25 pm.

He expressed our appreciation to Professor Deriecksen Brinkerhoff for the hospitality of the UC Riverside Campus. In the morning session, held jointly with CUCRA, we had received a warm welcome from UCR Chancellor France Cordova who also provided us a fine lunch. Professor Brinkerhoff is also due our special thanks for providing with lunch excellent South Coast wines from his personal collection.


Copies of the minutes of the May 1 meeting, which had been previously
sent out by email and posted on the CUCEA website, were distributed. Two changes were in order.
Adrian Harris: Change the first sentence on p.3 to read: “Harris suggested that the money market fund be eliminated as a component of the Multi-asset fund, or eliminated completely.”
John Craig: Correct his question on p. 4 to read: “John Craig asked why do annuitants have to pay 32% of the cost of the High Option plan but only 16% of the cost of the PPO plan?”

The corrections were made and the minutes approved.


Treasurer Lyman Porter reported that CUCEA is solvent and distributed an account of our assets as of August 31, 2003. Dues from all campuses for 2002-3 amounted to $1876, about $100 less then the previous year. This reflects a reduction in the number of dues paying members, particularly at Berkeley, where the number dropped by about 200. Our total net worth is about $22,000 in two accounts maintained by our former Treasurer Leon Schwartz. One is a money market checking account of about $7,000. The other is a US Income Mutual fund of about $15,000. Both accounts are at Wells Fargo Bank. Treasurer Porter noted that we are conservatively invested and are not trying to match the returns of the UC pension investments described to us at this morning’s meeting by UC Treasurer David Russ. We are not losing money.

Our income has two sources. One is from the dues collected from the campus associations of $1 per member. The other is an annual allocation from the Academic Council, which this year was reduced from $1600 to $1500. Porter wished to put on the record that CUCEA has been very fairly treated by the Council given the serious cuts in UC budgets this year.

Julian Feldman believes that we have too much in liquid assets and should think of a creative way of spending some of it. Something like the senior health care symposium might be tried, and if it were done with the office of the President we might recapture some of the money unspent, but not returned to us, Feldman added.

The Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved

Ralph Nair raised the question about how the number of dues paying members is determined on each campus. After some discussion and remarks by Archivist Norah Jones, it was recalled that each campus was itself to determine the number with no uniform standard imposed.


Ralph Nair distributed the Historian’s report consisting of three tables, the first showing the elected officers of CUCEA form 1987 to the present. The second showed CUCEA representatives from the nine campuses for the same period. The third showed the location of CUCEA meetings beginning from the founding meeting at Berkeley in October 1987.

The lists were revised to show that Sheldon Messinger (B), Mike Reagan (R), and John Adams (SF) have died, and that Louise Taylor was the Berkeley representative 2002/3.


Marjorie Caserio, the newly created Web manager and elected Information Officer, circulated a list of CUCEA officers and representatives to collect any omissions or corrections. She will post the updated list on the CUCEA web site. She acknowledged the very helpful assistance of CUCRA Secretary Rosemary Norling in getting out the joint meeting announcement.

The By-Law changes approved at our May 1 meeting have been incorporated in the web site posting. These included the creation of the office of Web Manager, inclusion of the three past Chairs as council members, making the Joint Benefits Committee Chair an ex-officio Council member, and election of Norah Jones to Honorary membership.

Norah Jones thanked the Council for her election as Honorary Member.

Marjorie Caserio reviewed the history of the web site that was set up at UCSD about four years ago to serve both CUCEA and the San Diego Emeriti Association. The cost of $50/month is split equally, i.e., CUCEA pays $25/month. She would like to make an effort to enhance it by linking it to other web sites, e.g., to that of the UC Treasurer. She urged that CUCEA meeting minutes and other items be sent to her for posting. The Constantine Panunzio Award applications should be solicited and the winners announced on the site. It was suggested that information about UC benefits be posted. She thanked Ralph Nair for sending the Historian’s report and Norah Jones for her report and information. All suggestions are welcome.

At this point, Charles Berst told us of the discussions and controversy over the question of continuing with a single award or distributing the prize money to the eight campuses with humanities and social sciences programs to select their own winners. Distribution might be on the basis of the number of eligible emeriti in the disciplines specified for the award. The current income of the award is about $7000 to $8000, which Berst would like to see distributed with few strings attached. The status of the award is in a state of flux. Membership on the Board is changing – Charles is no longer on the Board, but has been asked by its chair for a draft of a proposal to alter its distribution in accordance with the above, and to ascertain whether such an alteration would be consistent with terms according to which the Board must function.


Archivist Norah Jones distributed a Guide to the Archives of CUCEA that outlined the contents of the archives. She urged Council members to contribute documents to the archives. She recently received four video tapes of the Senior Health Care Symposium held at UCI last year, the first videos added to the collection.

She and some of her LA colleagues believe that in light of the latest revisions to the By-Laws approved at the May 1 meeting, the time has come for a thorough review of the By-Laws. They date from 1992. She along with Charles Berst and Philip Levine, all having a long and intimate association with CUCEA, would be willing to undertake such revision and present it to the Council at a future meeting. Volunteers from other campuses would be welcome in this revision.

Chair Zytowski appointed Norah Jones, Charles Berst and Philip Levine to be a By-Law Revision Committee and directed them to report at the next meeting.


Moses Greenfield and Charles Berst, co-editors of the Bio-Bib survey, outlined the procedure for the forth-coming survey. They have written a letter that is to be sent to emeriti on each campus by the local Association. The intent is to lure emeriti to make a report of their activities. Past efforts have yielded responses of about 25%, and we would like to increase this level, or at least maintain it. The results of past surveys have been impressive – hundreds of papers, books written, committees served, etc. Survey results have been widely distributed, including to all Chancellors, with good effect.

The letter inviting participation may be altered at the discretion of the local Association, but the questionnaire should be used as written to insure uniform statistical data. Berkeley Representative Louise Taylor asked if email forms for the survey could be provided. Charles Berst said he would check as to whether this was possible, and inform her.


Adrian Harris presented the report of the Joint Benefits Committee, copies of which had been distributed.
The Council unanimously accepted the report of the JBC. It was noted that CUCRA had moments earlier unanimously accepted the report.


Berkeley (Louise Taylor)
The Association has held 5 luncheon meetings each year with speakers. Events have been introduced which deal with special interests of faculty. To save money newsletters are now distributed by mail only to members who have paid dues, but email announcements are not so restricted.

Davis (Ed Constantini)
Luncheon meetings continue. Proposal for retiree center, previously enthusiastically supported by the administration, has been shelved by budget constraints. A proposal to charge emeriti for parking has been opposed by significant administrators, but may be imposed. The Chancellor held a well-attended reception for the most recent Panunzio Award winner, UCD Professor Emerita Sarah Hrdy.

Irvine (Kivie Moldave)
The first luncheon and newsletter distribution for the year are impending. A new flyer for distribution to new emeriti has been printed, and copies were made available to Council members.

Los Angeles (Bob Blattner)
Many changes have been made to our by-laws. There are monthly meetings of the governing board. Three membership dinner meetings with speakers and two joint meetings with the retirees are held. There is an active committee working on retirement housing. Treasurer Lyman Porter noted that LA membership accounts for about one-third of the dues contribution to CUCEA. Norah Jones remarked on the success of the letter sent to emeriti inviting them to join; 692 paid in September and more checks are coming in. Norah’s letter was described as marvelous and should be used as a model for others. Contact Norah by email. Over-85 emeriti must self-identify themselves for honorary membership.

Riverside (Dericksen Brinkerhoff)
Of the three meetings a year, the Fall one honors an emeritus for distinguished activity, mainly in research, but may be broadened to include other activities. The association has space, use of a computer and some funding at the Alumni & Constituent Relations Office. Parking for emeriti is still free. With the retirees association we publish a newsletter, Tower Talk. Response to the Bio-Bib has been only about 10%, but we are acting to improve it.

San Diego (Murray Rosenblatt)
A series of three talks are forthcoming this fall. A newsletter is sent to all emeriti with the hope that they will join the association. Rosenblatt asked exactly what emeriti have done for the university. Larry Waldron commented that the Retirement Center at Berkeley has recently introduced a program through which both staff retirees and emeriti can post resumes on a web site to be reviewed by campus units for possible voluntary or paid service. Moses Greenfield, co-editor of CUCEA’s Bio-Bib surveys, noted that these surveys show about 25% of emeriti continuing their university activities at the pre-retirement level. He further cited his own experience in this pattern.

San Francisco (Alan Goldfien)
The San Francisco Association continues its practice of holding four meetings a year.

Santa Cruz (Janice Corriden)
The Association had 54 members last year, 52 have signed-up this year and more are expected. The Chancellor comes to one of the monthly luncheon meetings each year.


Adrian Harris informed us that CUCRA at their on-going meeting has proposed another joint meeting with CUCEA at UCLA a year from now. Is CUCEA agreeable? The sense of the meeting was that joint meetings were good and that we should do it. Chair Zytowski reminded us that meeting at Davis in Spring 2004 had been proposed. Davis representative Constantini said Davis would be delighted to host the meeting, contingent on the exact date and the availability of a meeting place. A general discussion followed in which dates, north/south locations were mentioned with special reference to what our By-Laws specify. There was a general preference for complying with the By-Laws, i.e., meeting on the first Thursday of October and on the last Thursday of April. A preference was also expressed for the former practice of meeting in the south in April and in the north in October. Secretary Waldron and Historian Nair expressed a strong preference for campus locations rather than airport hotels, a view that had general support.

Chair Zytowski will appoint a sub-committee to settle the time and locations of the 2004 CUCEA meetings.


Without objection Chair Zytowski appointed a Nominating Committee consisting of himself, Vice-Chair Craig and Secretary Waldron to prepare a slate of CUCEA officers for election at our spring meeting.


Although there was a memorial ceremony at Berkeley for former Chair Sheldon Messinger, it was thought appropriate that CUCEA memorialize him in some fashion. Chair Zytowski, Vice-Chair Craig and Secretary Waldron will compose a tribute to our former able leader.


Chair Zytowski adjourned the meeting at 3:08 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Larry Waldron, Secretary