CUCEA Meeting April 17, 2008


The meeting was chaired by Chuck Berst

Minutes of October Meeting, UC Davis: Dericksen Brinkerhoff reported that the minutes of the joint October meeting were complete, and that he would prepare the minutes of the CUCEA soon. It was asked that each acronym be spelled out to assist those unfamiliar with the terms abbreviated.

Treasurer's Report: Lyman Porter stated that the CUCEA funds are in good shape, with approximately one-third in a cash account and the other two thirds in an account earning interest. He distributed a schedule of dues payments by each campus from 4-2005 to the present.

Web Site: Marjorie Caserio reported that the CUCEA web site will need to move off the UCSD server and will be transferred to UCB. This will be done soon, but the site will be redesigned prior to the transfer. A preliminary design will be shared with the group when it is ready.

History/Archives: Norah Jones reported that the CUCEA archives are kept at UCLA. The "Guide" to these archives is updated annually and distributed in paper form to officers and representatives at each October meeting as well as being posted on the CUCEA website ( She would welcome any additional material for the archives, similar to the packet received from a UCLA emeritus and former CUCEA Chairman who forwarded his material when he moved. As Historian, Norah has now written up and distributed accounts of the first four CUCEA meetings, those held at Berkeley, and Irving in 1987/88 and at Davis and Riverside in 1988/89. She distributed Historian's Reports on Davis and Riverside, giving history of the campus, its emeriti association and its participation in CUCEA.

Chuck Berst noted that the position of Historian, currently held by Norah Jones in addition to her role as Archivist, will be filled by John Craig (vote for his appointment approved later in meeting), and that Louise Taylor will fill the role of Information Officer, replacing Marjorie Caserio. The Historian/Archivist and the Web Master/Information Officer positions had been combined a few years ago. Historically, they were separate positions.

Bio-Bibliography: Chuck Berst noted that this survey is important in supporting activities of CUCEA and each of the campus emeriti Associations, and that the results need to be sent to respective chancellors to further the visibility of emeriti doings. Some campuses have been reporting their survey results in a timely manner, others a bit slower. Since information has been slow in coming in, the CUCEA summary report will not be completed for a few weeks.

Reports from Individual Campuses: Chuck would like to see reports that contain information about the structure of the associations on each campus, and recommended that in the future guidelines for the format of the reports be distributed prior to the Spring CUCEA meeting. (Campus reports have been placed on the CUCEA web site:

Other Business:

John Craig reported on the value of having CUCEA representation on the campus Faculty Welfare Committees. The members were supportive of this effort. He distributed a sheet (dated April 10, 2008) detailing the representation on each campus and his conclusions.

A discussion on receiving timely information for membership lists for the campus associations was curtailed. Chuck Berst indicted that Eddie Murphy had some useful information on this matter, and she described an approach to obtaining better information, but other related matters were not brought up. This item requires further discussion at a subsequent meeting.

Chuck Berst recommended appointment of John Craig to serve as Historian and Louise Taylor to serve as Information Officer for CUCEA. Those positions, plus the slate of officers previously proposed for the coming year (attachment) were approved unanimously. The new officers will take their positions July 1, 2008.

There was enthusiastic support to hold the fall meeting at UCSC. The UCSC representative, Michael Warren, was not aware that the Retirees' Association had extended an invitation. Michael will communicate CUCEA's interest in meeting at UCSC next fall. An adjustment of the date of the meeting (normally the last Thursday in October: Oct. 23, 2008) may be necessary because of a conflict with a Center Directors meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at noon, and the joint meeting held in the afternoon.

Respectfully submitted,

Dick Walters