Host Campus Suggestions


(Based on suggestions prepared by Ralph Nair in 1999)

  1. At the previous Council meeting, campus representative makes commitment to host next meeting.
  2. Campus representative confirms availability of conference room and Chancellor's discretionary funds for arrival continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack for group of approximately twenty-five.
  3. Campus Association chair solicits local Emeriti Association Board's assistance with hospitality (i.e., airport transportation, campus map, nearby hotels, etc.)
  4. Arrange with Chancellor or representative to welcome guests at opening of meeting.
  5. Host campus representative to keep Council Chair informed regarding progress with campus arrangements.
  6. Not later than five weeks prior to meeting date send both the Chair and Information Officer the following:
    • a. Name of campus building and conference room number accommodating 25 - 30 attendees with one large table, chairs and side table for refreshments.
    • b. Campus map with marking designating directions to meeting and parking with regulations on the latter. (E.g., are other UC campuses parking permits honored; need visitors stop at a gate to be admitted, etc.)
    • c. Route directions from airport and best local routes for those driving.
    • d. Recommended motel or hotel facilities for those needing overnight accommodations. (Designate campus discount locations.)
    • e. Provide name of key available coordinating host including both office and home telephone numbers.
    • f. Provide campus telephone number in or near conference room for contact in case of emergency.
    • g. Enclose form for requested return of names from each campus of attendees to enable advance making of both nametags and table identification cards. AND: Provide name, e-mail address and campus phone number of host campus (staff) person who will accept e-mail or phone notification of persons coming from each campus, designating a deadline date for receiving this information.
  7. Offer to duplicate any agenda materials that might be bulky to bring.
  8. Arrange for conference room set-up, including nametags, table identification cards i.e. "tents" printed on both sides (name, campus and affiliation, i.e., President of campus association or campus representative, if applicable), agenda packets, telephone/speaker set-up, audio/visual aids or chalk board, Internet connections (available?), extra pencils and paper, water.