Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA)


Minutes of Meeting


April 30, 2015

UC San Diego


CUCEA Officers: Roger Anderson (SC) Chair; William Ashby (SB) Secretary/Campus Representative; Richard Attiyeh (SD) Chair Elect/Campus Representative; Charles Berst (LA) Past Chair/Honorary Member/Biobib co-chair;  Marjorie Caserio (SD) Web Manager/Newsletter Editor; Charles Hess (D) Past Chair; W. Douglas Morgan (SB) Past Chair; Ernest Newbrun (SF) Past Chair; Louise Taylor (B) Information Officer/Past Chair

Emeriti Association Presidents: Caroline Kane (B) EA President/Campus Representative; Dan Mitchell (LA) EA President/Alternate Campus Representative; Anthony Norman (R) EA President/Campus Representative; William Parker (I) EA President/Campus Representative

Emeriti Association Representatives and Alternates: John Vohs (D) Bio-Bib co-chair/Alternate Campus Representative; George Miller (I) Alternate Campus Representative; David Lopez (LA) Campus Representative;

JBC Chair: Richard Jensen (SC/SB)

Center Directors and Liaisons: Suzan Cioffi (SD); Cary Sweeney (B); Sue Barnes (D); Debra Martin (SB)

Guests:  Jonathan Bates (LA) Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center; Lee Duffus (SC) CUCRA Chair; Sheila Girard (Los Alamos) Board member LRG; Nancy Groves (SD) Emeriti Association board; Dale Thompson (Los Alamos) Vice President LRG;

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. by Chair Roger Anderson, who then introduced Henry Powell, Vice President of the UCSD Emeriti Association.  Dr. Powell welcomed guests and thanked staff, in particular Suzan Cioffi, for organizing the UCSD meetings.  He then offered some reflections on the value of higher education in California.  He noted that March 23, 2018 will mark the sesquicentennial of Charter Day (the founding of UC) and suggested that this would be an opportune moment for advocates (especially CUCEA and the emeriti associations) to draw attention to the value of UC to the State of California and to urge renewed commitment to higher education. 

Roger Anderson then thanked colleagues at UCSD for their superb organization and gracious hosting of the meetings.


Minutes of the October 23, 2014 Meeting

Copies of the minutes from the October 23, 2014 meeting at UC Berkeley were distributed.  The minutes were approved unanimously and will be posted on the CUCEA website:


Officers’ Reports:

Chair’s Report:

Roger Anderson made a PowerPoint presentation that focused on 1) the status of the UC Retirement System; 2) benefits; 3) CUCEA’s finances; 4) health care.

In regard to the UCRS, Roger reminded us that $700m was borrowed from STIP funds.  An experience study is currently underway to determine to what extent increased longevity may be affecting the RS.  The goal of investment return is 7.5% per annum.  That goal has not been reached since 2006, and return is currently around 7%.  The increase in employer contributions to 14% and employee contributions to 8% is not expected to bring UCRS to full funding until 2040. 

Roger then drew attention to his “Letter from the Chair” published in the April 2015 newsletter, in which he proposes principles that should guide determination of benefit offerings.  These are 1) equality (equal access and equal cost across the campuses), 2) transparency (clear and accurate presentation of benefit options), 3) continuity and notice (major changes as infrequently as possible and, when necessary, only with adequate advance notice), 4) awareness (continual evaluation of possible future benefits and the status of present benefits).

As for CUCEA’s finances, Roger announced that the Executive Committee would be meeting in the evening to discuss best practices to reduce the cost of meetings (the major expense incurred by CUCEA).  He also reminded members that he had formally requested the Academic Council, via the UCFW, to restore its financial commitment to CUCEA.


Secretary’s Report:

William Ashby had no report apart from the minutes.

Acting Treasurer’s Report:

Louise Taylor was appointed Acting Treasurer during Lyman Porter’s illness.  She reminded members that a copy of her report and a financial spreadsheet had been sent via e-mail.  (As a cost-saving measure, printed copies of this and other reports will no longer be distributed at meetings.)   CUCEA’s net worth at the end of March was approximately $9400.  The major expense is the travel costs of officers, which average $3400 per meeting.  With dues averaging around $4,300, we fall short by some $2,500 a year.  Louise noted that Roger Anderson has requested a renewed subsidy from the Academic Council, which, if granted, would alleviate the shortfall.

Information Officer’s Report:

Louise Taylor presented the following report (previously distributed by e-mail):

The Information Officer is responsible for maintaining the CUCEA Roster of Officers, EA Presidents, Representatives and other members, and for circulating information concerning meetings and other topics of interest to CUCEA’s members.

To handle these duties entails two things about which I am very sensitive: first, the number of emails I send to you, and second, “bugging” you about sending me campus reports, names and email addresses of new Emeriti Association Officers and CUCEA reps.  I apologize. If there are suggestions you have, please let me know.

Distributed with this report are three Information Officer’s spreadsheets included in a Workbook, entitled “CUCEA Spreadsheets”. The Workbook opens to a spreadsheet, and at the bottom of that sheet in the left hand corner are three tabs.  The tabs are labeled:  Meeting Locations (and dates), Elected Officers and Campus Reps. These have been updated as of 4.19.15. I hope you find these useful.

It is important to note the Meeting Locations; dates are included through October 2020. In recent years, the dates have gotten off-track, due to an inability to schedule meeting rooms, in-town conferences taking hotel space, etc.  Please check the dates for your campus and plan ahead.  CUCEA members are used to the schedule shown in our Bylaws, which directs that we plan our meetings for the last Thursday of the month, meeting on Wednesday in April and the last Thursday in October. Many members plan accordingly for research, teaching obligations, etc.

A reminder to the CUCEA Representatives to send me their new Emeriti Association Presidents and changes in CUCEA representation as soon as the new academic year is known. 

Web Manager/Newsletter Editor’s Report:

Marjorie Caserio distributed copies of the Newsletter and noted that it had been posted on the website.  She urged that the campus reports be sent both to her and to Louise Taylor well in advance of each CUCEA meeting, so that they can be posted on the website.  She reiterated that suggestions about the website or about potential articles for the Newsletter are welcome.

Health Care:

Roger Anderson asked Bill Parker (a member of the UCFW health care task force) to talk about potential changes in health care benefits.  Bill Parker reported that Health Net Blue and Gold will NOT be folded into UC Care, as had previously been considered.  Health Net has addressed UC’s concerns, and it is expected that Health New Blue and Gold will continue without change next fiscal year.  Bill then noted that the UC contract with Blue Shield ends July 1, 2015.  Negotiations between the two parties are ongoing.

Planning for the Triennial Emeriti Activities/Contributions Survey—John Vohs and Charles Berst:

John Vohs led the discussion, with participation of co-chair Charles Berst.  John also distributed a handout, which summarizes goals, methods, and timeline. Also included on the handout are participation numbers by campus for the 2009-12 report.  John stated that the goal is to reach all 1150 emeriti in the 2012-15 survey.  Some modifications can be expected in the survey form, which will again be offered electronically and in printed form.  He has asked Doug Morgan and Dick Attiyeh to serve as advisors.  A survey manager will be designated at each campus.  John suggested that campus representatives and presidents prepare for the survey over the summer months. 

Bill Ashby urged that it be made clear on the form and in accompanying communication that only activities since retirement should be entered on the form.  He also asked for clarification on who should participate in the survey.  John responded that the survey should only go to retirees with emeritus status (not to retired Unit 18 Lecturers and retired Adjunct faculty, for example).  Tony Norman suggested that Chancellors might be invited to encourage participation in the survey. 

Attention then focused on what to call the survey.  After some discussion, John moved that the survey be called “UC Emeriti Activity Study”.  Louise Taylor suggested amending the motion to read “UC Emeriti Activity”.  The motion was approved unanimously.    

JBC Draft Report—Dick Jensen:

Dick Jensen summarized the report, which was distributed via e-mail and posted to the CUCEA website.  The major issues of the report are 1) the lack of process for designating third-tier beneficiaries of Fidelity accounts; 2) the data breach with Anthem Blue Cross--specifically the lack of process for reporting any problems.  The JBC will continue to follow up on these concerns. 

Doug Morgan noted that Fidelity is reducing the investment options offered in its plans.  He also stated that retirees who are part-time State residents are still having problems with One Exchange.  JBC will follow up on these concerns. 

Roger Anderson noted that the JBC will be on the agenda of the Joint Meeting and that RASC representatives will be in attendance.

The JBC Report was unanimously approved. 

Nominating Committee Report: 

Louise Taylor drew attention to the Report of the 2015-16 Nominating Committee (Richard Attiyeh and Louise Taylor) that had been sent via e-mail.  The Report is as follows:

Bylaws state that Officers shall be elected in even years and confirmed to continue in the odd years by the Council in the Spring; representatives shall normally succeed each other on July 1.

Council Officers include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Information Officer, Web Manager, Archivist/ Historian.  Per the Bylaws, the Secretary, Treasurer, Information Officer, Web Manager, Archivist/Historian are elected for two-year terms in even years, and are confirmed to continue in odd years. In practice, we are electing the Chair and Chair-Elect for two-year terms as well.

Roger Anderson appointed Dick Attiyeh and Louise Taylor as the Nominating Committee.  We had two challenges, first to replace Julian Feldman (I) who resigned after many years on the Joint Benefits Committee, and second, to find an Archivist/Historian. The Information Officer has agreed to take on the Historian’s duties temporarily; however, we are still searching for an Archivist.

We recommend the following slate of officers be confirmed to continue in 2015-2016, and we recommend that Daniel Mitchell be elected to JBC, as CUCEA’s representative, completing the two year term of Julian Feldman (UCI):

Chair                                                                Roger Anderson (SC)

Chair-Elect                                                       Richard Attiyeh (SD) 

Secretary                                                          William Ashby (SB)

Treasurer                                                         Lyman Porter (I)         

Information Officer                                           Louise Taylor (B)

Web Manager/Newsletter Editor                     Marjorie Caserio (SD)           

Archivist /Historian                                          TBA

CUCEA JBC Representatives                         Charles Hess (D)

                                                                                    Daniel Mitchell (LA)

Louise noted that a new Archivist is needed to replace Ralph Johnson.

The Report was accepted by unanimous vote. 

Campus Reports:

Caroline Kane (B), John Vohs (D), Bill Parker (I), David Lopez (LA), Tony Norman (R), Dick Attiyeh (SD), Ernie Newbrun (SF), Bill Ashby (SB), and Roger Anderson (SC) each presented a summary of Emeriti Association activities on their campuses.  As suggested in the agenda, attention focused on how to build membership and how to inform new emeriti about the Emeriti Associations.  Copies of the reports were distributed have been posted on the CUCEA website.

Transitioning to Retirement—Charles Hess and Sue Barnes

Charles Hess and Sue Barnes reported on two initiatives by the Davis campus that followed the shift in retirement processing/counseling to RASC.  Because the satisfaction survey conducted by RASC (reported at the Joint Meeting of October 23, 2014) was based on only 125 respondents (only 13 of whom were faculty), UC Davis decided to independently survey its emeriti and retirees.  The results of the Davis survey were to be presented at the Joint Meeting on May 1 and are included in the April 2015 newsletter. 

Sue Barnes talked about the Transitioning to Retirement workshops at Davis, now in their fifth year, sponsored by the UC Davis Retiree Center.  There are four sessions which focus on UCRP income options, health benefits and Social Security, financial planning, and work/life transitions.

UCSD’s Chancellor’s Scholars Program and Emeriti Mentor Program—Morton Printz and Suzan Cioffi:

“The Emeriti Mentor Program's is a partnership between Chancellor's Scholars and accomplished retired UCSD faculty and staff. This mentoring relationship provides the intellectual, social and cultural preparation necessary for a successful college experience. It provides practical insight, know-how and advice gleaned from real-world experience, and can serve as a bridge to future academic, personal and professional growth.” 

Chancellor’s Scholars are academically high achieving students who face challenges owing to their sociocultural background.  Emeriti mentors are matched with students, with whom they meet at least quarterly.  The program also organizes communication classes for the Chancellor’s Scholars and hosts an opening and closing reception each year.  To date donations to the program have totaled $24,000, and negotiations are underway for a large gift. 

There being no new business, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.. 

Respectfully submitted,

William J. Ashby, Secretary

First draft: 5/25/15

Second draft:  6/02/15