Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA)


Minutes of Meeting


April 23, 2013

UC Riverside


CUCEA Officers:  W. Douglas Morgan (SB) Chair/EA President; John Marcum (SC) Chair Elect; Charles Hess (D) Past Chair; Charles Berst (LA) Past Chair/Honorary Member; Louise E. Taylor (B) Information Officer/Past Chair; Lyman W. Porter (I) Treasurer; Marjorie Caserio (SD) Web Manager/Newsletter Editor; William Ashby (SB) Secretary/Campus Representative; Ralph Johnson (LA) Archivist/Historian/Alternate Campus Rep.

Emeriti Association Presidents: Caroline Kane (B) EA President Elect; John Vohs (D) EA President/Campus Representative; Anthony Norman (R) EA President/Campus Representative.

Emeriti Association Representatives and Alternates: C. Roger Glassey (B); Ronald B. Miller (I); Irving Hendrick (R); Richard Attiyeh (SD); Dorothy Rice (SF); Mary Silver (SC).

CUCEA Representative to the Joint Benefits Committee and JBC Chair: Adrian Harris (LA).

CUCRA Officers: Lee Duffus (SC) Chair; Marianne Schnaubelt (I) Vice-Chair.

Center Directors and Liaisons: Patrick Cullinane (B); Susan Barnes (D); Jeri I. Frederick (I); Debra Martin (SB)

Guests: Linda Levy (SD); Carmel Myers (SD)

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 Chair Morgan, who expressed our thanks to UC Riverside for hosting the meeting.  This was followed by introductions of members and guests present.

Minutes of the November 1, 2012 Meeting:

Copies of the minutes from the November 1, 2012 meeting at UC Santa Cruz were distributed.  The minutes were approved unanimously and will be posted on the CUCEA website:



Nominating Committee Report for 2013-14

Doug Morgan, as Chair of the 2013-14 Nominating Committee, asked Louise Taylor to present the recommended slate and to provide background.  Louise noted that, according to the Bylaws, officers are elected in even years and confirmed for continued service in odd years.  She then distributed the following report:

Proposed Confirmation of CUCEA Officers – 2013-14

Bylaws:  Officers shall be elected in even years and confirmed to continue in the odd years by the Council in the Spring; representatives shall normally succeed each other on July 1.

Council Officers include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Information Officer, Web Manager & Newsletter Editor, and Archivist/Historian.

The Nominating Committee, which included Marjorie Caserio, Doug Morgan and Louise Taylor, recommends the following slate be confirmed:

Chair 2013-2014                                     Doug Morgan

Chair-Elect 2013-14                               John Marcum 

Secretary 2013-14                                  William Ashby

Treasurer 2013-14                                  Lyman Porter  

Information Officer 2013-14                   Louise Taylor

Web Manager & Newsletter

Editor 2013-14                                Marjorie Caserio         

 Archivist /Historian 2013-14                   Ralph Johnson

CUCEA’s JBC Representative, Adrian Harris, was approved in 2012 for a two year term of 2013-15.

                                                            Doug Morgan,

                                                            Chair 2013-14 Nominating Committee

Officers’ Reports:

Chair’s Report:

Chair Elect Morgan directed attention to his “Letter from the Chair,” published in the April, 2013 CUCEA Newsletter, and to the Report of the Joint Benefits Committee.


Chair Elect’s Report:

Chair Elect Marcum did not make a report.

Secretary’s Report:

William Ashby had no report apart from the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lyman Porter noted that we are in the middle of the fiscal year and that, consequently, his report should be read as an interim one.  He then distributed copies of a spreadsheet showing CUCEA’s net worth as of 3/31/13.  He noted that net worth has decreased by nearly $5000, compared to the same time in 2012.  In part, this is because CUCEA no longer receives a subsidy from the Academic Council, and in part because travel expenses to the Fall 2012 meeting were quite high.  Dues received from the campus Associations will increase from $1.00 to $2.00 per member beginning in 2014, which will provide some relief.

It was agreed that Chair Morgan will once again request that the Academic Council restore its traditional $1500 subsidy.    

ACTION:  Doug Morgan will request a subsidy from the Academic Council


Information Officer’s Report:

Louise Taylor presented the following report:

The Information Officer is responsible for maintaining the CUCEA Roster of Officers, EA Presidents, Representatives and other members, and for circulating information concerning meetings and other topics of interest to CUCEA’s members.

I am pleased to remind you that, with the help of Joe Lewis, we receive monthly annuitant death reports for ALL campuses, which I distribute to those who have expressed an interest in receiving them.  If you would like to have a copy and are not receiving the reports now, please let me know.  The last report was the March report, distributed April 15, 2012.

Although I wasn’t at the November 1 meeting in Santa Cruz, I am pleased to learn that the Bylaws were approved.  Copies have been distributed to the Officers, and will be posted on the CUCEA Website.  Should anyone wish a copy, please let me know.

Louise noted that “there has been one minor change made to these Bylaws where the responsibility for creating and distributing the spreadsheets (e.g. meeting dates and locations, Officers, Campus Representatives, etc.) will transfer from the Archivist/Historian to the Information Officer. A copy of these changes was distributed to all on October 17th.”

She pointed out that, "Section V of the Bylaws states:

Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any campus representative or by the Council Chair and will be adopted when endorsed by the vote of at least six of the campus representatives. At least four weeks must expire between the time when the campus representatives are informed of the proposed amendment and the time of the vote.

In order to incorporate this change into the revised by laws, she requested an exception to the 4-week requirement, whereby approval of this change to the Bylaws be by show of hands.  This exception was granted by a unanimous show of hands.

Louise reminded members that she had recently distributed, via e-mail, three spreadsheets showing 1) the chronology and projected schedule of meeting sites, 2) elected officers over time, 3) campus representatives over time.  These spreadsheets are also available on the CUCEA website.

Louise reported that San Diego has requested switching with Santa Barbara, so that UCSB would host the Spring 2014 meeting, and UCSD would host the Spring 2015 meeting.  UCSB will consider this request. 

ACTION:  UCSB will consider the request to host the Spring 2014 meeting and will report its decision to relevant parties.


Web Manager/Newsletter Editor’s Report:

Marjorie Caserio distributed copies of the April, 2013 CUCEA Newsletter, noting that it had already been posted to the CUCEA website. 

Marjorie stressed the importance of finding a means to more widely distribute the newsletter—i.e., to all emeriti, not just to the CUCEA membership.  She suggested that campus Listservs might be used to send emeriti the link to the CUCEA website where the Newsletter can be found.  Patrick Cullinane noted that a link to the Newsletter can be established on campus emeriti websites. 

ACTION: Campus Representatives will explore whether Listservs can be used to send  link to emeriti.


It was agreed that 5 printed copies of the Newsletter would be sent to each campus for distribution.  A discussion ensued as to how this distribution might occur.  Doug Morgan suggested that each Emeriti President make an appointment with the Chancellor and other high campus administrators and personally present the Newsletter. This could be an entrée to a discussion about the role and importance of emeriti.  It was agreed that, in any case, the Newsletter should be distributed by each Emeriti Association President.

ACTION: Association Presidents will distribute the Newsletter as they see fit on their campuses.


Marjorie then requested ideas for future Newsletter articles.  Sue Barns proposed that Marjorie send campus Representatives an e-mail asking them for suggestions. 

Archivist/Historian’s Report:

Ralph Johnson distributed the following report:

The Historian’s reports may be found on CUCEA’s website under “History” in the “Information” section.

When Norah Jones succeeded Ralph Nair as Historian, she began writing a series of Historian Reports describing the first CUCEA meeting at the host campus.  She was able to write on the first meetings of four campuses: UCB on October 29, 1987, UCD on October 27, 1988, UCI on April 26, 1990, and UCR on April 25, 1991.  My first Historian report was for UCSC’s first CUCEA meeting on October 25, 1990.  This leaves four campuses in need of a report for their first CUCEA meeting:  UCSB on April 28, 1988, UCSD on April 27, 1989, UCSF on October 26, 1989, and UCLA on April 28, 1994.

Norah’s first report as Historian was on the first intercampus meeting of UC emeriti associations held at UCLA on April 15, 1981 to discuss mutual concerns and consider the formation of a university-wide organization of emeriti.  There were representatives from Riverside, Santa Barbara and UCLA.  This report is not included with the Historian’s reports on CUCEA’s website.

Copies of Norah Jones’s first CUCEA meeting at UCR and the meeting to consider the formation of a university-wide organization at UCLA are attached. 

These two reports are appended to the minutes, and the first is posted on the CUCEA website.

It was suggested that these reports could be printed in the Newsletter.

Biobibliography Survey:

Charles Berst distributed to representatives from each campus seven copies of the 2009-2012 UC Emeriti Biobibliographic Survey.  Each campus will distribute them to key campus officers, beginning with the Chancellor.  Chuck expressed thanks for  the cooperation he received from the Campus Representatives and others. There was a good overall response rate of 36% (1581 of 4403 surveyed).  New to this survey was a question about the amount of grants received and donations made by emeriti, which came to an impressive half-billion dollars over the past three years! 

There was some discussion about changing the name of the survey when it is next taken, as “biobibliography” may suggest the UC biobibliography, which most emeriti were happy to leave behind when they retired.  Suggestions included “inventory,” “activity survey,” “inventory of contributions,” “survey of emeriti activities.”

Jeri Frederick noted the irony that some of our most productive emeriti may be among the least inclined to take part in the survey, because they are too busy.  In her experience, a personal appeal can be effective in convincing these emeriti to respond to the survey.  Sue Barns noted in this regard that it would be helpful for the campuses to know who has responded to the electronic survey, so that those who have not can be targeted.

Chuck Berst, who has relentlessly and creatively managed and edited the biobib survey over many iterations, expressed his wish to relinquish the editorship of the next issue.  He will be looking for a successor. Doug Morgan invited the Campus Representatives to be thinking of possibilities. 

Bill Ashby raised some questions that CUCEA may wish to address before the next biobib survey begins:

Š       Who should be included in the survey?  Should we be surveying only Senate emeriti faculty, or anyone with an academic title who has retired?   (Some of the latter group have held part-time and occasional appointments.)

Š      Should we more forcefully emphasize that we are asking for a report of activities for the past three years OR since the date of retirement if less than 3 years?   We agreed at the Fall 2012 meeting that only the years in retirement would be included, but there was some confusion about this among some respondents.

Š       Should we define “mentoring” and “advising”?  Some respondents reported a very unlikely number, perhaps because they did not understand what was meant.

Sue Barns suggested that each campus obtain a list of emeriti faculty from the Academic Senate. 

Joint Benefits Committee

Adrian Harris drew attention to the following report of the Joint Benefits Committee:

CUCEA and CUCRA function, among other things, as partners and advisors to the Office of the President on matters relating to retirees, annuitants, and retirement benefits.  JBC, as an agent of both Associations, advises CUCEA and CUCRA by providing insights and information to aid in their partnership with the Office of the President. 

(1)  With respect to various issues related to Health Care, we have a number of questions, comments and concerns:

(a)  We expressed in our last report, concern about the significant increase in co-payments, and believe the explanation for those increases did not fit the facts.  As we explained, this has a great impact on annuitants, because they typically have many more doctor’s visits and prescription drugs than those who are younger.  Further, annuitants do not have available to them the benefits of using before tax dollars to cover such costs, as is the case for active employees, with Flexible Spending Arrangements.  With the added complications of the Federal Affordable Care Act, we propose that decisions in the future should be preceded by timely consultation with representatives of CUCEA, CUCRA and the JBC.  We believe that our perspectives and insights in the decision process would be very helpful.

(b)  We are grateful for the decision to continue UCOP funding of the Health Care Facilitator (HCF) Program.  We agree that there needs to be additional accounting so that the size and effectiveness of the efforts on each campus can be monitored.  In order to do the data gathering, additional resources may be necessary, particularly since there has been no increase in the funding since the inception of the HCF program, eleven years ago.  Also, the work load has increased with the changes in health care benefits approved by The Regents, changes in Medicare, and will be increased with the changes in health care plans being explored by Human Resources, following the recommendations of the Health Care Benefits Work Group.  The HCF Program has obviously benefited Human Resources on the campuses and at OP, as well as the Insurance companies.  Ideally, the benefits accruing from this program should be pointed out by University negotiators, and recognized by the Health Care Providers when determining their University rates.

(c)  Periodic status reports from UCOP representatives on the various recommendations from the Health Care Benefits Work Group would be much appreciated.

(2)  We are pleased to report that agreement has been reached between representatives of CUCEA, CUCRA, the JBC and UCOP and Fidelity on the processes by which annuitants are informed about and can arrange for Minimum Required Distributions (MRDs) from their UC deferred compensation program accounts.  Individuals now will receive timely information regarding the annual deadline date for exercising their right to notify Fidelity of what they would like done, including naming specific withholding amounts for Federal and California taxes.  The consultation process worked extremely well!

(3)  We recommend that CUCEA Campus Representatives ask their local Faculty Welfare Committee to suggest to Robert May, Chair of the UCFW Health Care Task Force, that they should request from UCOP an assessment of the value of Stay Well versus other health management options.

(4)  We have been made aware of the wide disparity in the quality of financial reporting on retirement investments between UC annuitants and CalSTRS members.  It would be helpful if similar detailed, easily understood and accessed reports could be made available to UC employees and annuitants.

We continue to look forward to cordial and cooperative relations with OP staff with whom we deal, for the mutual benefit of the University and its family of annuitants.

In regard to the Health Care Facilitator funding, Charles Hess noted that UCOP has agreed to funding, but the amount has not been specified.  UCOP is requiring a study of accountability before fixing the amount of funding.  Charlie noted that the level of funding for this program has not changed in eleven years; additional costs will be incurred to accomplish the accountability study required by OP.  Doug Morgan said that the Faculty Welfare Committee will work on the question of level of funding.  Adrian Harris suggested that Chancellors be made aware of the importance of the Facilitator position both to emeriti/retirees and to active employees.

Adrian Harris moved that CUCEA accept, adopt as its own and distribute as appropriate the Report of the JBC.  The motion was passed unanimously.

Campus Reports:

Caroline Kane (B), John Vohs (D), Ronald Miller (I), Ralph Johnson (LA), Tony Norman (R), Richard Attiyeh (SD), Dorothy Rice (SF), Bill Ashby (SB), and Mary Silver (SC) each presented a summary of Emeriti Association activities on their campuses.  Copies of the reports were distributed and all will be posted on the CUCEA website (

Respectfully submitted,

William J. Ashby, Secretary

First draft:  April 27, 2013

Corrected:  April 29, 2013

Corrected:  Oct. 30, 2013

Corrected:  Nov. 5, 2013