CUCEA Meeting April 30, 2009 UCSD Campus




            CUCEA Officers: Charles Hess (D) Chair; Colin Bloor, Chair-elect (SD); Charles Berst (LA) Past Chair; Dericksen Brinkerhoff (R) Past Chair; Marjorie Caserio, Web Mgr (SD); Adrian Harris (LA) Joint Benefits Chair); Ralph Johnson (LA) elected Archivist at this meeting; Lyman Porter (I) Treasurer; Louise Taylor (B) Information Officer; Dick Walters (D) Secretary.

            Representatives: Bill Ashby (SB); Colin Bloor (SD); Dericksen Brinkerhoff (Alt, R); Janice Corriden (SC); Peter Farrell (SD);  Barbara Hamkalo (I); Jacqueline Hanson (SD); Errol Mauchlan (B); Alex McCalla (D); Ronald Miller (I); Doug Morgan (SB); Ernest Newbrun (SF); Dorothy Rice (Alt, SF); Robert Scott (LA President); Paul Sheats (Alt, LA); David Sprecher (SB President); Todd Wipke (SC President).

            Retirement Center Coordinators/Directors/Staff who attended CUCEA meeting:  Jeri Frederick (I); Eddie Murphy (LA), Patrick Cullinane (B).

            Guest: Phyllis Mirsky (SD)


            The meeting was chaired by Charley Hess


Minutes of October 2008 Meeting, UC Davis: The Minutes were approved as distributed.


Officers’ Reports


            Chair’s Opening Request: Charley Hess asked the participants to suggest ways that emeriti might be encouraged to write their State Legislators to recommend, as individuals, that they support continued state contributions to the UC Retirement System. A number of points and suggestions were made, and the discussion concluded with Charley Hess promising to write CUCEA representatives with a sample model letter that might be distributed to emeriti supporting continued funding of retirement support.


            Secretary: Dick Walters thanked those who contributed to preparation of the October minutes . He also thanked campus representatives for sending their annual reports to him and to Marjorie Caserio, who has put them on the web at He indicated that future reports, including these minutes (minus the Treasurer’s report) would also be placed on the web.


Treasurer: Lyman Porter distributed copies of the Treasurer’s report, which is attached to this report, but should not be placed on the CUCEA web site. He indicated that, because of uncertainties relating to dues payments from some campuses, that information is not included until the uncertainties are resolved.


Information Officer: Louise Taylor thanked Charley Hess for his considerable assistance to her in performing the duties of Information Officer and indicated that she had nothing specific to add at this time. (However, see discussion of CUCEA and campus organization forms below.)


Historian: No report, as John Craig was not available for the meeting.


Archivist: Nora Jones has asked to be relieved of the Archivist’s duties for CUCEA. In her place, the nominating committee recommended Ralph Johnson, (whose nomination was approved later in the meeting). No report at this time.


Web Site Report: Marjorie Caserio distributed a report circulated at the October 30 meeting. She asked that members make more use of this site, contributing information that might add to the value of the site and hence attract more viewers.


Bio-Bibliography: Chuck Berst distributed five copies of the 2005-2007 summary of responses from emeriti to campus representatives, plus a few additional copies to others present. He pointed out that a new survey will be conducted for the 2007-2009 time period, and indicated that the distribution of the survey form should take place in the fall, 2009. He urged campuses to take this project on seriously, as it is an important way of documenting emeriti activities. The usual reporting sequence will be followed, with copies distributed to members late in the year and returned to the campuses, who will prepare a summary of their own data to submit to Charles in early February. His findings suggest that paper copies of the form followed by e-mail reminders are more likely to be completed by a larger percentage of emeriti; some members felt that email was more successful. It was agreed that each campus would follow procedures that they believe would achieve the highest response.


Campus Reports: Form of CUCEA Organizations: Louise Taylor distributed copies of Draft #6 of the Organizational Form of CUCEA and Campus Emeriti Associations. She indicated that several options are available both to CUCEA and the individual campus associations: a) become a university support group; b) become an affiliated organization; c) become an officially recognized unit (exact implications unclear); d) become a 501C7 organization according to federal tax laws. One question that might require consideration relates to liability of officers, and under what circumstances liability might be incurred. Historically, according to Louise, CUCEA was a part of the Academic Senate; then it became independent. After some discussion, it was felt that each campus should select their own option. Adrian Harris said he would ask Eddie Murphy, Director of the UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center to send CUCEA a copy of a letter sent to the UCLA administration requesting clarification of the organizational status of the Emeriti and Retiree Associations at UCLA. It was suggested that each campus might wish to follow the format of that letter and ask their campus leadership to clarify the status of their organizations. CUCEA’s status will not be sought with UCOP at this time.


Criteria for Eligibility for Campus Awards: Dericksen Brinkerhoff reported that the Riverside EA requires that a candidate for an emeritus award have been emeritus for at least five years. The Panunzio uses different criteria, but consideration for post-emeritus status achievements was the principal consideration for eligibility. The issue of returning to part-time employment status at a campus or elsewhere might be considered. Charley Hess suggested that each campus should review and report on their eligibility criteria for the next meeting.


Actions System-Wide: Hess reported that president Yudof is preparing to replace the current Retirement Board with a new unit that would include the chairs of CUCEA and CUCRA in addition to some union representation. He also noted that a Task Force had been appointed by the president to examine post employment benefits, and that CUCEA and CUCRA presidents (Hess and Marian Gade, respectively) serve on this Task Force, which will be examining funding status of the retirement system and health benefits.


Ethics Review: Ron Miller previously reported that the UCI Emeriti Association Executive Committee established its own Ethics Committee and recommended that UCI consider establishing an ethics committee of the Academic Senate. This was discussed at three meeting of the UCI Council on Faculty Welfare which, together with Senate leadership, concluded that the Campus Senate did not require such a committee, but that the Academic Senate of the College of Health Sciences might wish to consider such a committee and Miller and Jerry Tobis will present such a proposal next month. Because many faculty seem to fear that an ethics committee would be a “God squad,” Miller wondered whether it would be best to call the committee a “Committee on Academic Integrity.” Chair Hess asked why emeriti might be interested and involved in an ethics committee. Rather than responding to the point, Miller stated that Julian Feldman felt that emeriti should not have an ethics committee because “unsolicited advice is rarely welcome,” and felt it might be more appropriate for the Academic Senate to have an ethics committee. Following the meeting, Miller wrote Professor Hess that emeriti might well be interested in ethical issues affecting their campus and might have excellent advice to provide because they are experienced, hopefully wise, may have a better recollection of campus history, and hopefully are dedicated to the reputation and welfare of the campus as well as the welfare of students and faculty. Charley Hess requested that UCI keep him posted of further developments.


Reports from Individual Campuses: Individual campus reports were distributed at the meeting and are available on the web site. Anyone wishing copies sent to them, please contact Dick Walters. There were no issues requiring statewide CUCEA involvement, other than the ethics situation covered above.


Other Business:


             Election of Officers: Hess reported that Norah Jones has asked to be replaced for health reasons. Ralph Johnson was recommended to replace her, and the committee voted unanimously to endorse this recommendation, together with the nominations for other officers. It was felt that no changes are required in the By-Laws to allow current officers to continue in their respective positions, since their re-election is not at this point considered a “normal” process, but that continuation of officers is indeed appropriate at this time, given the unusual circumstances facing the university at present. Those nominated were:

            Chair 2009-10                         Charles Hess

            Chair-Elect 2009-10                Colin Bloor

            Secretary                                 Richard Walters

            Treasurer                                 Lyman Porter

            Information Officer                 Louise Taylor

            Web Manager                          Marjorie Caserio

            Archivist                                 Ralph Johnson

            Historian                                 John Craig


Charley Hess requested a motion to recognize the contributions Norah Jones had made to CUCEA as Archivist. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved.


Dericksen Brinkerhoff noted that the San Diego Newsletter was particularly noteworthy and requested that all campuses circulate their newsletters to all CUCEA members.              


The meeting was adjourned at Approximately 3:45.


Respectfully submitted,


Dick Walters