CUCEA Meeting October 30, 2008




            CUCEA Officers: Charles Hess (D) Chair; Charles Berst (LA) Past Chair; Dericksen Brinkerhoff (R) Past Chair; John Craig (SF) Historian; Louise Taylor (B) Information Officer; Dick Walters (D) Secretary.

            Representatives:  Dericksen Brinkerhoff (R Alt); Janice Corriden (SC);  Jacqueline Hanson (SD); Donald Heyneman (SF); Errol Mauchlen (B); Alex McCalla (D); Ronald Miller (I); Dorothy Rice (SF); Robert Scott (LA President); Paul Sheats (LA Alt); David Sprecher (SB President); Todd Wipke (SC President).

            Retirement Center Coordinators/Directors/Staff: Patrick Cullinane (B); Jeri Frederick (I); Eddie Murphy (LA); Andre Porter (B).

            Guest: Hal Hyde (SC mbr)


            The meeting was chaired by Charley Hess


Minutes of April Meeting, UC Riverside: The Minutes were approved as distributed.


Officers’ Reports


            Chair: Charley Hess reported that he participated in an Orientation session with Human Resources/Benefits Aug 6, covering overall HR/B operations, Health and Welfare Plans, Retiree Health Benefits, UCRS Advisory Board, Customer Service, and the Staywell wellness benefit for retirees. At the invitation of Chair Jim Chalfant, he also attended the June meeting of the University Committee on Faculty Welfare (UCFW). Chuck Berst was recognized by Jim Chalfant for his excellent service to the committee. Hess also attended UCFW meetings July 18 and Oct 10, and summarized the meetings in “Hess Notes” sent to membership. The next UCFW meeting is Nov. 14.


            Hess also participated in UCRS Advisory Board teleconferences July 11 and September 25 (next meeting will be November 21 in Oakland).  Notes were sent summarizing key items of importance, notably resumption of Employee and Employer (but not emeriti and retiree) contributions to the UC Retirement Plan (UCRP) with the exact amounts to be approved by the Regents before they take effect mid 2009, Assembly Constitutional Amendment No 5 establishing an advisory Board of Trustees to advise on administration of post-employment benefits (which was not approved for ballot vote by the California Assembly), and provisions of a new policy approved by the Regents affecting reemployment of UC retired employees into senior management group and staff positions (but not faculty recall into academic appointments). The revised policy met with objections and may be modified at the November Regents meeting.


Treasurer: Charley Hess distributed a report submitted by Treasurer Lyman Porter, who was unable to attend the meeting (report attached to minutes). Net income of CUCEA increased by approximately $2,000, with dues having already been paid by all campuses. Expenses were less than estimated in the budget. The 08-09 budget projects expenses to be slightly lower than projected revenue.


Information Officer: Louise Taylor reported that she is “getting started” on this new appointment, collecting information from campus reports and other sources. She distributed for discussion and update copies of surveys that she has collected to date and, based on input during the meeting, she distributed immediately after the meeting updated copies to the EA presidents (See attached).


Web Site: Marjorie Caserio submitted a rather lengthy report which is attached to these minutes. The site remains at San Diego: (it is now free of charge to CUCEA. (Please see attachment for more details.)


Historian: John Craig reported that Oct 30 marks the 21st  anniversary of the founding of CUCEA. The minutes of the inaugural meeting (UCB, Oct. 29, 1987) are on the historian’s web page ( Updated copies of the usual annual information sheets listing elected officers, campus representatives, and campus meeting locations were distributed to the attendees. (Web addresses for these sheets are also on the CUCEA web page, http://cucea/


Archivist: Chuck Berst reported for Nora Jones, who was not able to attend. Information will soon be on the web.


Bio-Bibliography: Chuck Berst noted that this survey is important in supporting activities of CUCEA and each of the campus emeriti Associations, and that the results need to be sent to respective chancellors to further the visibility of emeriti doings. Some campuses have been reporting their survey results in a timely manner, others a bit slower. Since information has been slow in coming in, the 2005-07 CUCEA summary report will not be completed for a few weeks, but probably in the month of November.


Reports from Individual Campuses: Individual campus reports are available on the web site. Anyone wishing copies sent to them, please contact Dick Walters


            One item that received a fair amount of discussion was the matter of Ethics, raised by Ronald Miller in reporting for Irvine. Dericksen Brinkerfhoff also shared his experiences at UC Riverside. It was felt that this issue should be added to the agenda for the Spring CUCEA meeting. Issues included some improper ethical actions on the part of some emeriti, and questions were raised as to how we should address this issue.


Other Business:


            Charley Hess distributed a proposal that an Executive Committee of CUCEA be formed, and suggested that a change to the By-laws be voted on at the Spring meeting. Charley felt that issues arise between meetings that require immediate action, and as chair, he felt a need to have the advice of such a committee to be able to take actions when those occasions arise. After some discussion as to the real need, it was moved, seconded and approved unanimously that the Bylaws be amended to provide for such a committee, probably consisting of the Chair, Chair-elect, three immediate past presidents, the Secretary, Treasurer and Information Officer.


            UC San Diego has extended an invitation to hold the spring meeting on their campus. The UCSD Chancellor Fox has agreed to underwrite the costs of the meeting. Since, in the normal rotation of campuses, the next meeting would be held on the Santa Barbara campus. Charley Hess contacted David Sprecher, UCSB President, to see if he would be wiling to switch with UCSD. He was willing and the spring meeting of CUCEA will be held at UCSD on April 30, 2009.


Meeting was adjourned at noon, and the joint meeting held in the afternoon.


Respectfully submitted,


Dick Walters



Information Officer Reports

       Campus Emeriti Association Reports(pdf)

       UC Emeriti Association Organization (pdf)

Web Manager's Report