CUCEA Meeting October 29, 2009 UCSF Campus

Minutes (Approved April 28, 2010)


            CUCEA Officers: Charles Hess (D) Chair; Colin Bloor (SD) Chair-elect; Charles Berst (LA) past chair; Dericksen Brinkerhoff (R) Past Chair/Alt Rep; Marjorie Caserio (SD) Web Mgr; John Craig (SF) historian; Adrian Harris (LA) Joint Benefits Chair ; Ralph Johnson (LA) Archivist; Lyman Porter (I) Treasurer; Dick Walters (D) Secretary.

            Representatives: Bill Ashby (SB); Richard Attiyeh (SD); Barbara Hamkalo (I); Jackie Hanson (SD); Errol Mauchlan (B); Doug Morgan (SB); Ernest Newbrun (SF);

Paul Sheats (LA); Michael Warren (SC); Dorothy Rice (SF).

            Retiree Center Directors/Staff: Sue Barnes (D); Jeri Frederick (I); Eddie Murphy (LA)


            The meeting was chaired by Charley Hess.


Minutes of April 29 Meeting in San Diego: The Minutes were accepted as distributed.


Officers’ Reports:

            Chair (Hess): Charley handed out his report (attached). Notable items included the fact that the proposed amendment to the California Constitution that would have removed control of the university from the Regents has been tabled indefinitely. There has been significant activity in Post-Employment Benefits (PEB) with Local Forums being held on each campus, at the Labs, and in the Office of the President.  Charley mentioned a special forum held at UC Davis for emeriti and retirees. Jim Chalfant, John Meyer and Charley, all from Davis and members of the PEB Task force made a presentation similar to the Local Forums being given by Randy Scott and Gary Schlimgen.  A Powerpoint file is available on the PEB Task Force website and if there are members of the Task Force on your campus, they could give a presentation at an emeriti association meeting which could be tailored to the interests of emeriti.    Other items are noted in his report.

            Secretary (Walters): Dick noted that several, but not all, campus reports have been received and are posted on the CUCEA Website: and that the others would be posted as received.

            Treasurer(Porter): Lyman distributed a summary of the current status of CUCEA funds, noting that income is in balance with expenditures.

            Information Officer (Taylor): Louise was not available, but submitted a brief report, indicating that her job has been greatly simplified by Charley’s support. She noted that the CUCEA Roster has been updated as of Oct 20, and asked that we continue to keep her informed as to changes in CUCEA participants. She has also distributed a few other reports as seemed appropriate.

            Web Manager (Caserio): Marjorie distributed her report, noting that campus Emeriti Association Reports are available at She also noted that some important issues are discussed in the “other reports” section of the web page, and that she will try to maintain this section current in months to come. She noted that the Bibliographic Survey form needs updating and requested assistance. She has encountered problems maintaining the Awards portion of the web site and also asked for assistance in defining appropriate times to request information for each. Finally, she asked for continuing suggestions for improvement of the website, including items of general interest, photos, etc.

Historian (Craig): John distributed a copy of his summary of positions and those appointed to them. He handed out three separate pages: the first listing the names of elected officers of CUCEA going back to 1987-88; the second lists the location and dates of previous CUCEA meetings; and the third listing gave the names of elected representatives from all the UC campuses. A copy of these listings will be placed on the CUCEA web page, under Members and Meetings.

            Archivist (Johnson): Ralph reported that he is in the process of catching up on the extensive work performed by his predecessor, Norah Jones. The CUCEA archives are located at UCLA in the Emeriti/Retiree Relations Center in Rolfe Hall. They are currently housed in three drawers of paper files. Included are papers which document CUCEA’s activities since 1987. The guide to the archives, which outlines its contents, is available on CUCEA’s web site. The latest edition is dated October 2008 since no new categories or subheads have been added. Norah Jones, Archivist until April, 2009, was unable to attend the October 2007 and October 2008 meetings. Therefore, handouts for those meetings are needed. The current archivist, Ralph Johnson, would appreciate receiving copies which may be brought to our April 2010 meeting at UCSB. Should you wish to contact him, his email address is and his telephone number is 323-935-6868.

            BioBib Survey (Berst) Chuck reported that the next survey is about to be distributed (it was mailed approximately Nov. 1) invited discussion on its content and the logistics of its distribution to emeriti on the various campuses. He asked especially for help in getting the survey out in the best way as determined by each campus representative, noting that response to electronic versions was mixed, but sometimes optimal. He emphasized that this information is extremely valuable in presenting to the individual campuses and the Office of the President the extensive contributions made by emeriti and sought help in ensuring a strong response to this survey.


Organizational Status of Emeriti Associations (Murphy): Louise Taylor was not able to attend and discuss her report (distributed at the meeting) on organizational status of campus emeriti associations, Eddie Murphy discussed the action that is being taken on the UCLA campus to clarify the organizational standing of the Emeriti and Retirees’ associations. In May, a letter signed by both association presidents was sent to the Administration and Legal Vice Chancellors asking for this clarification. Specifically, the organizations are asking for clarification on the following issues:

1.     Continued use of the UCLA name in their name – UCLA Emeriti Association as opposed to Emeriti Association at UCLA;

2.     Continued use of space allocated to the Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center;

3.     Continued use of outside checking account with no financial reporting to the UCLA ERRC;

4.     The authority to make direct arrangements for association-sponsored events and activities on off-campus locations, without any University administrative involvement or requirements to adhere to University policies/procedures for acquisition of goods/services except in matters regarding the UCLA name for long-term business relationships with a third party and real-estate/housing initiatives;

5.     The coverage by the University under its general liability insurance program of all activities (on and off-campus) and conduct of the officers of the association.

It is expected that these questions will be answered soon and Eddie is willing to share the information at the next CUCEA meeting. Eddie also announced that both associations have requested that they be given Affiliate Status with the University.



Campus Reports (Available on CUCEA Web Site)

            Berkeley: Errol Mauchlan presented the Berkeley report, which listed the five lunch speakers, noted that the association is cooperating closely with the Retirement Center, and has been dealing with awards as well as the legal status of the association.

            Davis: Dick Walters presented the report submitted by Graham Gall, indicating that a major emphasis for the past year has been the campus Centennial Celebration, for which the association prepared a series of departmental video histories based on individual interviews with emeriti. Other items covered in the report include social activities, a summary of current membership, newsletters, and monthly luncheons. Much of the work accomplished is due to the excellent support provided by the Retirement Center director and staff (Sue Barnes and Marjorie Ahl).

            Irvine Barbara Hamkalo indicated that office space considerations were being discussed and asked for advice from other campuses. She described several presentations made during the year, including an innovative wheelchair design presentation, noted several special events, and highlighted a mentoring award presented in June.

            Los Angeles  Paul Sheats presented his report, which highlights awards made during the year, summarizes the monthly lecture programs, noted the opening of Belmont Village, a retirement housing facility, introduced a new website, indicated that a speakers’ registry and mentoring program are under discussion, and credited Eddie Murphy for leadership in many of their activities.

            Riverside Dericksen Brinkerhoff noted that bylaw changes to more closely follow those of CUCEA, and asked for comments from the participants.

            San Diego Dick Attiyeh highlighted the success of the San Diego mentoring of undergraduates, and indicated close collaboration with the Retirees’ Association. Other items covered in the report noted awards, a newsletter, an updated web page and an undergraduate scholarship fund. A question was asked about emeriti participating in exit interviews of retiring faculty, and the consensus was that this was an idea worth pursuing.

            San Francisco Dorothy Rice noted the small membership of the SF Emeriti Association and indicted they were exploring ways to increase it. A Dixon award committee has been formed and is working on ways to implement this award.

            Santa Barbara Bill Ashby presented the SB report, which highlighted an undergraduate award program, funded by emeriti, which gave awards to students in several divisions of undergraduate studies. The report also listed meetings, presentations, and a newsletter published jointly with the Retirees’ Association.

            Santa Cruz Michael Warren, presented the report, which notes numerous activities that occurred during the year and listed speakers schedule for the coming year.


Other Business

Just before adjournment, Charley Hess brought up a possible format for the meeting at UCSB next April in response to requests for more time for individual association meetings and to provide an opportunity for Center Directors and the CUCEA and CUCRA chairs to attend each other’s meeting.  CUCEA would meet on Wednesday afternoon, April 28th and probably have dinner together.  Thursday morning, April 29th would be the joint CUCEA/CUCRA meeting with representatives from UCOP and an opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest.  Thursday afternoon would be reserved for the CUCRA meeting and CUCEA members could go home if they wished to do so. There was agreement to try this format next spring if the UCSB can arrange for the meeting rooms and that the additional cost is not excessive. Members were also supportive of having a registration fee if it were necessary to help cover the additional expense of having meetings on both Wednesday and Thursday.




Respectfully Submitted,


Dick Walters, CUCEA Secretary




CUCEA Chair’s Report


October 29, 2009




This has been a very active year for CUCEA and an opportunity to participate in a number of issues which directly impact emeriti and all retirees.  First there was Assembly Constitutional Amendment 24 and the companion legislation, Senate Constitutional Amendment 21, which would strip the Regents of their constitutional authority to run the University of California.  We sent to each campus emeriti association talking points and sample messages prepared by the Office of the President to send to members of the legislature.  The argument was made that the legislation would be detrimental to the quality of the University and to students and citizens of the State of California.  In July it was announced that proposed amendments had been indefinitely deferred. 


The Presidential Task Force on Post-Employment Benefits and the three Work Groups covering Retiree Health Benefits, Pension Benefits, and Financing Post-Employment Benefits were established and began meeting on a monthly basis.  Consultants conducted studies for the Work Groups between meetings.  In my role as Chair of CUCEA, I serve on the PEB Task Force as Team Leader of the Retiree Health Benefits Work Group and as a member of the Task Force Steering Committee.  Marian Glade, Chair of CUCRA serves on the Pension Benefits Task Force. The total remuneration study comparing salaries and benefits for UC faculty and staff with comparison universities and market comparators was completed.  It shows that the University is behind in salaries, slightly ahead in health benefits and pensions, particularly since UC employees had not contributed to UCRS for 20 years.  Campus Forums have and are being held on all campuses to provide information about the total post-employment liability to the University for UCRS and health benefits, the structure of the PEB Task Force, the charge to Task Force, and the work to date. 


In addition to the PEB Task Force I serve as a member of the University Committee on Faculty Welfare (UCFW) which meets once a month and as an ex-officio member of the UC Retirement Service Advisory Board which meets quarterly.   You have received reports of the activities of special interest to emeriti discussed at the UCFW and the UCRS Advisory Board in the form of “Hess Notes”.


Also, during the year, I responded to questions from CUCEA members about the rights of emeriti, new programs and awards, and advocated the importance of emeriti on campus and to the University.  I am pleased with the response of the Office of the President to emeriti and retirees and for the opportunities provided for us to participate in studying and making recommendations to the President and the Regents on how to deal with the many challenges facing the University.


Charles Hess

Oct. 29, 2009