Minutes: CUCEA Meeting

October 28, 2010

Berkeley, CA


Preliminary Housekeeping: Charles Hess, past Chair of CUCEA, announced that Colin Bloor, who replaced him as chair at the May 2010 meeting, died in September, 2010. He indicated that Ernest Newbrun, current Vice Chair, had agreed to accept responsibilities as Chair, and that Douglas Morgan, President of UC Santa Barbara’s Emeriti Association, agreed to be nominated for Vice Chair. A move was made, seconded and passed unanimously that Ernest Newbrun would be elected Chair to serve the remainder of the 2010-11 year and then continue as Chair for 2011-12. It was also moved, seconded and passed unanimously that Douglas Morgan serve as Vice Chair for the remainder of 2010-11 and the 2011-12 year.




            CUCEA Officers: Ernest Newbrun (SF) Chair; Douglas Morgan (SB) Vice Chair and EA President; Marjorie Caserio (SD) Web Mgr; John Craig (SF) Historian; Charles Hess Past Chair; Ralph Johnson (LA) Archivist/Alt Campus Rep; Lyman Porter (I) Treasurer; Louise Taylor (B) Past Chair/Information Officer; Dick Walters (D) Secretary.

            Representatives and EA Presidents: Bill Ashby (SB); Richard Attiyeh EA President (SD); Dericksen Brinkerhoff (R) EA President/Campus Rep; Ed Epstein (B) Alternate; C.Roger Glassey EA President (B); Michael Warren (SC); Ted Quilligan (I); Bill Rains EA President (D); Henry (Peter) Ralston (SF); Dorothy Rice (SF); Paul Sheats (LA); Barbara Hamkalo (I) Alternate.

            EA Presidents: Roger C. Glassey (B).

            Center Directors: Sue Barnes (D); Patrick Cullinane (B); Jeri Frederick (I); Eddie Murphy (LA)

            CUCRA Chair:  Lee Duffus (SC) Chair-elect; Marian Gade (B) Chair

            Guests: Allan Jenson (B), Ronald Miller (I)


Minutes of May Meeting: Copies of the May meeting minutes, superbly prepared by Louise Taylor (Information Officer), were distributed prior to the meeting. They were unanimously approved as submitted.


Joint Benefits Committee: Adrian Harris reported that his October 2010 report (see Reports/Other Reports) had been thoroughly discussed and endorsed by CUCRA at its Wednesday meeting, and further covered in the joint CUCEA-CUCRA meeting in the morning. He felt that further presentation was unnecessary. Discussion focused on specific recommendations of CUCEA regarding the report – whether specific items should be endorsed by the full council or alternatively, that the chairs of CUCEA and CUCRA should report on their specific recommendations. After further discussion, it was moved, seconded and passed that CUCEA accept the report and instruct its chair to meet with the CUCRA chair and review the report in detail and prepare specific recommendations to be forwarded to appropriate recipients.


Reports of Committee Chairs: Chair Newbrun reported briefly, summarizing a more detailed report that will be placed on the CUCEA website (see "Letter from the Chair" in Reports/Other Reports). He indicated that plans have been finalized for the spring meeting to be held at UCLA. He commented on a number of elements related to post-employment benefits, which will involve increased health costs, many of which will be borne by retirees. He is keeping track of these issues through his membership on the University Faculty Welfare committee and the Retirement Service Advisory Board. He will continue to keep us informed, for instance, distributing proposed recommendations by President Yudof relating to employee contributions and to fiscal stability of the UC Retirement System (UCRS). Finally, he noted that the SF campus and perhaps other are concerned with declining Emeriti Association membership, and that ways should be sought to reverse this trend.


Treasurer Lyman Porter distributed a written report which indicated overall financial stability for the organization.



Information Officer Taylor's report indicated that she is sorting out data requirements for the group, and seeking to develop more uniform reporting. She will have a more comprehensive report for the Spring Meeting.


Webmaster Caserio indicated that she needs more information from members so as to maintain a more fully balanced website.


Historian Craig indicated that he continues to work on keeping up to date lists, but had no specific recommendations at this time. The lists record campus locations, CUCEA Officers , and CUCEA Representatives since 1987 (see Information/History, and Members and Meetings).


Archivist Johnson (see Information/Archives) indicated that he continues to work closely with Website Administrator Caserio and that archival information on the website appears to be in good shape.


Bio-Bib Survey: Chuck Berst was unable to attend the meeting, but Charley Hess reported that Chuck had prepared a written report entitled "UC Emeriti Redefine Retirement" which will be distributed as an e-mail attachment by Louise Taylor and will appear on the CUCEA website. The introduction and Summary of the 2007-2009 Biobibliographic Survey are also posted. Charley Hess reported that Chuck had provided 25 copies of the 2007-2009 Biobib Survey for distribution at a Post-Employment Benefits Steering Committee meeting. Hess reported that the survery was very well received by the members, and Provost Larry Pitts suggested that it should be presented at a future Regents meeting. The full Biobibliographic Survey is included as an appendix in the Post-Employment Benefits Taks Force report.


Other: Adrian Harris reported that a report on the Joint Benefits Committee had been submitted to Marjorie Caserio for inclusion on the website.


Campus Reports:  Individual Campus Reports have been forwarded to Marjorie Caserio for inclusion on the website (see Reports/Campus Emeriti Association Reports). Almost all campuses described meetings, presentations and reports that are not highlighted below.


            Berkeley: Roger Glassey reported that the process of being recognized as a non-profit organization under IRS regulation 501(c)7 had been completed and confirmed by Internal Revenue Service. Final state approval of Incorporation is pending. Other items reported dealt with liability issues, diminished state support, especially for emeriti, and he summarized the meetings that had been held.


            Davis: Bill Rains described joint projects with the Retiree Center and Retirees’ Association, developing social meetings and trips, and some on-going projects including the Video Records project (which made an important contribution to the Davis 100year Centennial celebration) and generating newsletters. Membership has risen slightly in the past two years.


            Irvine: Ted Quilligan has completed updating of their By-Laws – a lengthy effort. He reported that lifetime memberships have increased, but overall membership has remained relatively stable.


            UCLA: Paul Sheats emphasized an effort to increase “giving back” to the university and the community. He noted that the current Faculty Center is to be replaced by a larger facility that will continue to provide for emeriti activities.


            Riverside: Dericksen Brinkerhoff reported that Henry Snyder received the UCREA emeritus of the year award and listed some of his many contributions. He cited several ways in which UCREA collaborates with their Retirees’ Association, including a newsletter (Towertalk), joint meetings and coordination of dues for the two organizations.


            Santa Barbara: Bill Ashby noted close collaboration between emeriti and retirees’ associations, including joint newsletters and events.


            San Francisco: Dorothy Rice summarized several speakers at general meetings. She highlighted awarding of four Dickson Emeriti Professorships, as well as some other awards. She noted that a concern of the association is declining membership, perhaps due to greater reliance on electronic distribution of news and indicated that the board is looking into ways to turn this decline around.


Reports were distributed, but not discussed, by representatives from San Diego and Santa Cruz. They can be found on the website.


New Business:


            Possible CUCEA Newsletter: Marjorie Caserio described the need for a CUCEA (system-wide) newsletter that could summarize overall accomplishments and contributions to the university, potentially increase membership, and provide wider visibility through distribution to groups beyond individual campuses such as AROHE, a national institution. She indicated her willingness to assist in the creation of such a newsletter, and she emphasized the need for prompt action.


            Marjorie Caserio moved that since the Joint Benefits Commmittee was established over ten years ago, its mission and membership should be reviewed. Charley Hess agreed and said that there have been significant changes in the participation of the Chair of CUCEA in the UC Faculty Welfare Committee and that the Chairs of CUCEA and CUCRA serve on the UC Retirement Service Advisory Board. Both Chairs were involved in the deliberation and outsourcing part of Human Resources and both served as members of the Post-Employment Benefits Task Force. Hess suggested that a committee be established with representation from CUCEA and CUCRA to conduct the review. The motion was seconded and passed.


            Panunzio Award Committee. Paul Sheats indicated that the membership of the committee might be expanded to include former recipients providing that funds to support travel for committee purposes are available. The consensus was that such expenses are reasonable. Adrian Harris suggested that Paul go back to the campus and request that travel funds come from the Panunzio fund, which seemed acceptable to him.


            New Honorary Member: Charles Hess recommended that Chuck Berst be awarded an honorary membership in CUCEA on the basis of the exceptional contributions he has made on behalf of the UC emeriti through the publication of the biannual biobibliographic sruvey. The Council approved the recommendation and Chuck Berst will be made a permanent member of CUCEA.


Next Meeting: April 27, 2011 UC Los Angeles (details to be announced)


Respectfully Submitted.




                                                Dick Walters

                                            CUCEA Secretary