Council of University of California Emeriti Associations

Council of University of California Retirees Associations

Joint Meeting

April 30, 2015

UC San Diego




UC Berkeley: Caroline Kane, Cary Sweeney, Toni Sweet, Louise Taylor

UC Davis: Sue Barnes, Charley Hess, Ted Hillyer, Rick Keller, John Vohs

UC Irvine: Cindy Fern, Glen Gilbert, George Miller, Bill Parker, Marianne Schnaubelt

UC Los Angeles: Jonathan Bates, Chuck Berst, John Dahl, Adrian Harris, David Lopez,

     Rod Rose

UC Riverside: Bob Daly, Tony Norman

UC San Diego: Dick Attiyeh, Rich Belmontez, Marjorie Caserio, Suzan Cioffi, Ann Craig, Joel Dimsdale, Betty Garbutt, Gail Geddis, Nancy Groves, Marguerite Jackson, Linda Levy, Phyllis Mirsky, Carmel Myers, Patricia Nelson, Bob Oakes, Morton Printz, Leanna Selleck, (Rosemary Norling--Travel Interest Group)

UC San Francisco: Gail Harden, Ernest Newbrun, Sandra Norberg

UC Santa Barbara: Bill Ashby, Dick Jensen, Robert Mann, Debra Martin, Douglas Morgan

UC Santa Cruz: Jenny Anderson, Roger Anderson, Lee Duffus

LANL:  Sheila Girard, Dale Thompson

LBNL:  Don Grether

LLNL:  John Pitts

UCOP: Teri Flock, Ellen Lorenz,  Booker McClain, Stephanie Rosh, Michael Waldman


Call to Order and Welcome:


The meeting was called to order at 9 AM by Roger Anderson, CUCEA Chair, who welcomed attendees and extended thanks to UC San Diego for the good job of organizing the spring meeting.


Marguerite Jackson relayed several housekeeping items and then introduced Linda Levy, a retiree from the UCSD Medical School.


Report on Feasibility Study:  UC Care HMO


Linda introduced David Vincent Kraus, director of health services contracting for the UCSD Medical Center.  Linda knew David and was familiar with his background, his knowledge of health care, and his many accomplishments.  David showed a graph of the rise in health care costs from $6,000 per year in 2000 to $16,000 per year in 2011.  UC is planning to establish self funding of a UC Care HMO in the future, which should reduce costs for the same benefits.  UC would pay claims directly rather than having a separate company pay claims for them.  This would allow maximum benefits to be provided at minimum cost.  UC wants to earn the trust of employees and retirees so that everyone welcomes the benefits of self funding.  UC also wants to keep options open, eliminate restrictions and have consistent programs for all.


David showed a table of the various health care providers.  A lengthy question and answer period followed.


Host Announcements:


On behalf of the UCSD emeriti and retiree hosts, professor emeritus Joel Dimsdale relayed that the Scripps Institute was formed in 1955, followed by the University in 1960.  Presently 7.1% of the university budget is received from the State.



Lee Duffus, CUCRA Chair, stated that Jagdeep Bachher and Arthur Guimaraes were not able to attend after all so there will be no Chief Investment Officer's Presentation.  He also mentioned that Adrian Harris, long time Chair of the Joint Benefits Committee, has retired. Dick Jensen from UCSB is the new Chair.  Lee invited attendees to introduce themselves.

Approval of the Minutes for October 23, 2014:

The minutes, written by Bill Ashby, CUCEA Secretary, were  approved without changes.


UC San Diego Presentation: Developing and Retaining Membership:


Marguerite Jackson convened a panel of UCSD retirees and emeriti who discussed UCSD's 'Magic Ingredients of Success'  for obtaining new members and retaining present members.  UCSD Retirement and Emeriti Associations have an enterprising and enthusiastic Director, a committed staff, plus an active and involved Board of Directors.  They have numerous fun classes and seminars, speakers, and an event-packed color newsletter.  Present membership is about 1800 people and 600 emeriti.  Two key benefits are a forwarding service for UCSD email addresses and a ID/library access card.


Nancy Groves discussed program and volunteer activities.  Ann Craig relayed that parking stickers are also a major benefit.  Dick Attiyeh talked about their scholarship program, now in it's 8th year.


UC Davis:  Report on Survey on Retirement Benefits Counseling:


Charley Hess talked about their survey for levels of satisfaction with campus-based retirement benefits counseling.  They sent out 686 surveys and had 373 responses.    Results showed that 2/3 of the responses claimed they were very satisfied and over 80% marked satisfied.  Having an interactive course before the survey increased satisfaction.  Charley was happy with the results and hoped to get up to 90% satisfaction in the future.


Joint Benefits Committee (JBC) Report:


Lee Duffus announced again that Adrian Harris, long time Chair of the Joint Benefits Committee, has retired as chair but remains a CUCRA appointee to the committee.  Dick Jensen from UCSB was elected by the JBC membership as the new Chair. Dick Jensen mentioned that the JBC report for the spring 2015 meetings had been distributed earlier.  One key item suggests careful planning about beneficiaries.  Adrian Harris pointed out that if you have assets in a tax deferred plan you should not use a trust as the beneficiary because when assets are transferred to the trust, they can become fully taxed.  If beneficiaries are individuals, then the tax deferred status usually continues.  Dick asked for comments.  There being none, their report was accepted as submitted.


Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) Introduction


      Ellen Lorenz opened UCOP's discussion by introducing Terri Flock, Stephanie Rosh

      and Michael Waldman who then talked on a variety of subjects.  Ellen relayed that they are training representatives to make better responses to the many inquiries they receive.


      Terri listed 2016 plan changes for retirees. UC will offer the same 12 plans for retirees and their families which were provided in 2015 (6 for non medicare retirees and 6 for medicare retirees).  No fundamental plan changes are anticipated.  However, costs for the programs and prescription drugs are expected to increase somewhat.  UC has begun the 2016 health and welfare renewal process with responses due by May 15.  David Kraus' feasibility study of the future UC Care HMO is being assessed jointly by UC Health and also Human Resources in hopes of containing costs in future years.


      Stephanie discussed 'OneExchange' used by the 4200 members living outside California. There are 860 different plans provided by 85 carriers.  She gave statistics on the 16,400 calls received and the 94,000 claims paid during 2014.   Nearly 50% of members said they were highly satisfied by OneExchange.  Top member issues were the time of 8 weeks to be reimbursed for claims (now reduced to 5 weeks) and how to resolve claim denials.  Many members did not realize that when they move, they can lose their HRA funding if they do not reenroll through OneExchange.


      Michael discussed pre-retirement counseling and stated that they were days away from

      launching their 'Preparing for Retirement' presentation on UC net.  And they are planning interactive in-person presentations 4 times each year at each campus.


      Michael also discussed the data breach at Anthem Blue Cross.  Only Anthem knows whose data was accessed and is reaching out to those individuals with steps they can take to prevent future identity theft. 


Center Directors' Reports Q & A: An opportunity to inquire about items in the reports:


 Because of the late hour, there were no oral presentations.


Fall 2015 Meeting Preview: Davis


         A flyer was distributed showing the meetings will be held on Wednesday and Thursday,     October 28 and 29, 2015 at the Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center on the Davis campus.


Adjournment and Lunch:


           The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM.



Minutes written by John Pitts, CUCRA Secretary