Council of University of California Emeriti Associations

Council of University of California Retirees Associations

Joint Meeting

May 1, 2014

UC Santa Barbara


UC Berkeley:  Patrick Cullinane, Edwin Epstein, Iola James, Caroline Kane, Louise Taylor

UC Davis: Sue Barnes, Charles E. Hess, Ted Hillyer, Barbara Nichols, Deanna Falge Pritchard, John Vohs

UC Irvine: Lynda Everman, Jeri I. Frederick, Cal McLaughlin, Bill Parker, Lyman Porter

UC Los Angeles: Charles Berst, John Dahl, Adrian Harris, Ralph Johnson, David Lopez, Eddie Murphy, Rod Rose

UC Riverside: D.L. (Les) Martin, Anthony Norman

UC San Diego: Richard Attiyeh, Marjorie Caserio, Jacqueline Edwards

UC San Francisco: Ernest Newbrun, Sandra Norberg

UC Santa Barbara: William Ashby, Sandra Camp, Anna DeVore, Roberta Gilman, Greta Carl Halle, Betty Koch, Robert Mann, Debra Martin, W. Douglas Morgan, Cynthia Seneriz

UC Santa Cruz: Jennifer Anderson, Roger Anderson, Lee Duffus, Mary Silver, Mary Wells

LBNL:  Don Grether

LLNL: Jeff Garberson, John Pitts

UCOP: Dwaine Duckett, Ellen Lorenz (RASC), Susan von Seeburg (PARRA), Michael Waldman (RASC), Anne Wolf (Communications)

Introductions and Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Co-chair Lee Duffus, who extended thanks to the UC Santa Barbara Association for being our host.

Co-chair Doug Morgan introduced Joel Michaelsen - Interim Executive Vice Chancellor who welcomed the group to UCSB, described some of the physical, academic and environmental changes that have occurred to bring UCSB to be one of the top AAUP universities. The Campus has grown considerably since 1972-73, particularly in its graduate and research programs and is focusing on the nourishment of numerous (some novel) interdisciplinary programs.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes of the meeting held on November 5, 2013 were approved after a name correction.

Report of the Joint Benefits Committee (JBC):

Adrian Harris noted that the Report of the Joint Benefits Committee had been approved by CUCEA at its meeting of April 30, 2014 and had been presented to the Office of the President for review.  It would be considered by CUCRA this afternoon. There were no questions on the substance of the Report.


Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) Report Update

Dwaine Duckett, Ellen Lorenz, Michael Waldman and Anne Wolf, Office of the President were present to provide information about their services and comment on the JBC Report.

Ellen Lorenz presented information on the high volume of services and activities provided by RASC to some 62,000 retirees and their dependents and family members as well as to 33,000 former employees. RASC has an 84% customer satisfaction rating. A copy of the power point information was distributed by e-mail following the meeting and is on the CUCRA website at cucra.ucsd.edu under Meetings.

Responses to the JBC Report

Extend Health/ One Exchange

Michael Waldman discussed the Extend Health, which has been renamed "One Exchange".  It is the health insurance organization thru which UC out-of-state retirees obtain health insurance coverage. Because UC does not receive a good rate with Medicare for out-of-state retirees on group plans, there is better value in individual markets thru One Exchange. Retirees who move back to California are reviewed on an individual basis for health insurance coverage.

Presently CALPERS is considering the One Exchange program for its out-of-state retirees. Michael Baptista, Operative Director for Benefit Programs and Strategies, is continually in contact with CALPERS.

Pre-Retirement Counseling

Some campuses currently hold pre-retirement workshops. RASC conducts workshops and a web based Pre-Retirement Workshop is being developed by Anne Wolf. She also is preparing presentation materials and a retirement packet. Send (e-mail) her information to be considered for inclusion in the packet.

Investment Reports for Annuitants

References to the Investment Reports prepared for the Regents will be placed in New Dimensions so the membership will be able to access those reports.

Discussion with Dwaine Duckett

Some items of concern were raised with Dwaine Duckett, Vice President for Human Resources.

Health Insurance Material - It was suggested that CUCRA and CUCEA be given a chance to review the health insurance material prior to finalizing it, also a spread sheet would improve the usability of the material.

One Exchange Program - With regard to the One Exchange program there was concern that it might be extended to in-state retirees. In response to questions from several people, Dwaine Duckett repeatedly stated that there were no plans to do that and that if One Exchange is not performing well, it will be discontinued. Livermore Lab has not had positive results with the Extend Health/One Exchange program. The RASC's objective is to provide services and programs that run well and have value. A survey of UC Berkeley Emeriti living out of state indicated dissatisfaction with OP's health insurance programs. Dwaine Duckett would like a copy of the survey to use in applying pressure on insurance company providers to improve their programs.

Health Care Facilitator Program - OP is looking into the duties of health care facilitators at each campus. Presently $1.5 million is allocated to campuses for these programs. Marjorie Caserio's article on Health Care Facilitators has been the feature article in the CUCEA newsletter. It provides a history of the program and includes an extensive description of the facilitators' role, highlighting what facilitators do and their value which has been significant over the past 15 years. OP wants to "right size" the program by obtaining data and focusing on the variances by campus. Dwaine Duckett would like to move the day-to-day routine facilitator work to RASC and have campus facilitators serve those who are having difficulty obtaining help from other sources.

Center Directors' Reports

Davis has re-designed its newsletter. Sue Barnes, now President of AROHE, spoke of the upcoming, August 10-12 2014, AROHE conference in Minneapolis and encouraged locations to attend.

UCLA's Center Survey on Food Insecurity was distributed with the meeting materials. Eddie Murphy said the Center will be having its 45th anniversary and is the oldest Retirees Center.

Irvine's retirement counselor positions have been greatly reduced and the two that remain are unable to produce the report that tells the Center who is retiring. They have developed a Welcome to Retirement postcard with a checklist of things for new retirees to do (such as fill in the form to obtain a free continuing UCI email through the Center) that they have been mailing out to new retirees when they receive the complete list from OP. Jeri Frederick asked Michael Waldman if he might make the reports available on a monthly basis rather than quarterly and he responded that he thought this was already done.

Berkeley's Retirement Center will hold its biennial full day Retiree Conference on May 15. Governor Jennifer Granholm, UCB Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy, is the keynote speaker. Patrick Cullinane said they are working with the Office for the Faculty on development of a retirement planning tool kit to make the campus more retirement friendly, especially for faculty. An update on this project will be provided at the fall CUCRA/CUCEA meeting at Berkeley.   

Other Announcements

Thanks to Doug Morgan for his service. He will be retiring as co-chair.

Sue Barnes has written eleven pages in a new publication funded by a Sloan Foundation grant;    Faculty Retirements: Best Practices for Navigating the Transition

Fall 2014 Meeting at UC Berkeley:

The next meeting will be at the Berkeley Campus on October 22 and 23, 2014. There will be a tour of the Museum of Paleontology


The meeting was adjourned at Noon


Submitted by,

Deanna Falge Pritchard

CUCRA Secretary                 

First draft: 5/15/14, Revised 7/8/14