Council of University of California Emeriti Associations

Council of University of California Retirees Associations

Joint Meeting

November 5, 2013

UC San Francisco




UC Berkeley:  Patrick Cullinane, Ed Epstein, Iola James, Allan Jensen, Caroline Kane, Marian Gade, Summer Scanlan, Louise Taylor

UC Davis: Marjorie Ahl, Susan Barnes, Charles E. Hess, Ted Hillyer, Barbara Nichols, Deanna Falge Pritchard, John Vohs

UC Irvine: Lynda Everman, Jeri I. Frederick, Cal McLaughlin, Bill Parker, Lyman Porter, Marianne Schnaubelt

UC Los Angeles: Charles Berst, John Dahl, Adrian Harris, Ralph Johnson, David Lopez, Eddie Murphy,

UC Riverside: Bob Daly, Ira Hendrick, D.L. (Les) Martin, Anthony Norman

UC San Diego: Richard Attiyeh, Marjorie Caserio, Marguerite Jackson, Hugh Pates, Rosemary Norling

UC San Francisco: Robert Cannon, Dorla Cantu, R. DeSanna, Richard Drake, Ernest Newbrun, Gail Harden, Sandra Norberg, Dorothy Rice, Rod Seeger, Michael Thaler, Margaret Warren,

UC Santa Barbara: William Ashby, Robert Mann, W. Douglas Morgan

UC Santa Cruz: Jennifer Anderson, Roger Anderson, Lee Duffus, Mary Silver, Mary Wells

LBNL:  Janis Dairiki

LLNL: Jeff Garberson, John Pitts

UCOP: Michael Baptista (Health and Welfare), Ellen Lorenz (RASC), Joe Lewis (RASC), Maura McLoughlin (Vendor Relations, Wellness, HR), Shirley Nakamura (Vendor Relations Management), Patricia Pelfrey (PARRA), Bill Ryan (CIO Office), LaVonne Rochon (CUCRA rep.), Susan von Seeburg (PARRA), Michael Waldman (RASC), Anne Wolf (Communications)


Introductions and Call to Order:


The meeting was called to order by co-chairs Lee Duffus and Doug Morgan, who extended thanks to the UC San Francisco volunteers who organized the meeting.


Michael Thaler welcomed attendees to the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center, then introduced Dr. Elizabeth Watkins, Dean of the Graduate Division and Vice Chancellor for Student Academic Affairs.  Dr. Watkins gave an overview of the health sciences programs at UCSF, noted some alumni achievements, talked about a new on-line hybrid Masters program in health care administration, gave a brief history of UCSF, and enumerated some plans for the future.


Lee Duffus introduced Rod Seeger of the UCSF Retirees Association, who thanked the local organizing committee. 

Sandra Norberg made some announcements about logistics for the meeting.

Approval of Minutes:

Marguerite Jackson noted some minor corrections to the minutes of the April 24, 2013 Joint Meeting at UCR.  The corrected minutes were unanimously approved.


Report of the Joint Benefits Committee:

Adrian Harris reported that at the CUCRA meeting the previous afternoon (November 4th), he moved that the JBC Report, along with the attachment, be “accepted, adopted as its own, and distributed to appropriate individuals within and outside the University of California.”  The motion was unanimously approved.  He also reported that the report would be considered by CUCEA at their afternoon meeting."Chair Harris noted that the report focuses on changes in health coverage, with particular attention to the new plan administered by Extend Health for non-State residents.  He voiced concern about coverage for campuses not in proximity to UC medical centers, particularly UCSB, where negotations with Cottage Health Systems have not been successful.  The Report can be found on the associations’ websites:


UC Communications for Retirees:


Anne Wolf referred to the latest issue of New Dimensions, of which she is editor.  She reported that President Napolitano has already visited many campuses and is committed to visiting all before the end of the year.  Effective January 1, 2014, all UC campuses and facilities will become tobacco free.  This includes the hospitals.  The Promise for Education campaign, which was based on social media, generated 1500 promises totaling $1.5 million (of which $1.1million have been received). 


In a hiatus of the agenda, Doug Morgan introduced Bill Ryan of the OP Treasurer’s office. Mr. Ryan reported that all the UC Pathway fund investments will henceforth include 20% in equity funds. Mr. Ryan answered several questions about investment performance.


Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC) Update

Ellen Lorenz welcomed the opportunity to “celebrate Joe Lewis,” who is on phased retirement.  Ellen thanked Joe for his inspiration and mentorship, and assured attendees that the customer-oriented ethos established by Joe will continue. 

Ellen then introduced Shirley Nakamura and Maura McLoughlin, who spoke about vendor relations and the Wellness Program.  More information will be provided at the spring 2014 meeting at UCSB.

Charley Hess asked whether there has been a cost/benefit assessment of the Wellness Program.  Michael Baptista (Executive Director, Benefits Programs and Strategy, Human Resources, UCOP) said that such information is unknown at this time, both within UC and elsewhere.  Such data are very difficult to quantify.  The Wellness Program focuses on community engagement and encouragement of good behaviors.  In response to a question, Mr. Baptista reported that the program cost is $1.5 million per annum, in addition to $2 to $3 million in incentives.  Of the 84,000 eligible, approximately 20,000 have engaged in the program.  In the future, the Program will work more closely with each campus.

Doug Morgan encouraged Mr. Baptista and others to consider #3 of the Joint Benefits report, which relates to the Wellness Program.

Ellen Lorenz continued with an update on the Retirement Administration Service Center.  She noted that there was a 6% increase in retirements this year.  The workload of the RASC also expanded because of the continued transfer of retirement counseling from campuses to the RASC.  Nevertheless, a voluntary customer satisfaction survey showed that 84% of respondents were “extremely satisfied,” ‘’very satisfied,” or “satisfied” with the service provided by the RASC.  A new relationship management tool has been implemented.  Nearly 50% of calls to RASC relate to retirement.  Current  initiatives include a new pension record keeping system, additional retirement benefits counseling (which will be taken over from 12 locations by the first quarter of 2014), implementation of a new phone system, and employee engagement. 

In response to questions, Michael Waldman said that it would be possible to include information from the campus and lab Emeriti and Retirees Associations in the pre-retirement packets sent out by the RASC. 

2014 UC Health Plans:

Michael Waldman presented information about the UC health plans available during Open Enrollment.  He noted that there have been “big changes” in the options offered.  A decision was made to leverage the UC medical centers.  He explained that the rate of cost increases of some existing plans were not sustainable. Moreover, the California Department of Managed Care will no longer permit the Anthem Blue Cross Plus and CORE plans to continue as options.  Those currently enrolled in the Anthem Blue Cross plans will be transferred to the new Blue Shield PPO plan by default, if they take no action during Open Enrollment.  However, Mr. Waldman encouraged retirees to study the options and enroll in the most appropriate plan for their circumstances.  A change to a new or different plan will require completion of a Medicare enrollment form.  The forms will become available when one completes the Open Enrollment process.  For all health plans, generic drugs will be mandatory, even if the physician prescribes a name brand.  The Wellness Program will continue, but the incentive for participation will be $75 and will be for the member only. 

Out-of-State Plans:  Extend Health

Joe Lewis explained the rationale for selecting Extend Health as the Medicare coordinator for retirees and emeriti living out of State.  Michael Baptista also participated in the discussion. Mr. Lewis and Mr. Baptista expressed their conviction that Extend Health will provide better health care coverage, with more options, for UC retirees and emeriti living outside California.  However, they are revisiting the stated policy that annuitants who return to California from out-of-state would be required to stay with Extend Health.

Spring 2014 Meeting at UC Santa Barbara:

Doug Morgan passed out flyers announcing the Spring 2014 meetings at UCSB.  CUCEA will meet on the afternoon of April 30, the Joint Meeting will take place on the morning of May 1, and CUCRA will meet in the afternoon of May 1.  All meetings will be held at the Mosher Alumni House on the UCSB campus.  Hotel arrangements have been made with Pacific Suites near the campus, and the dinner will be at the Glen Annie Golf Club in the Goleta foothills. Shuttle transportation will be provided. 


        The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

William J. Ashby

CUCEA Secretary


First draft: 11/11/13

Corrected: 11/19/13

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