Council of University of California Emeriti Associations

Council of University of California Retirees Associations

Joint Meeting

April 24, 2013

UC Riverside




UC Berkeley:  Patrick Cullinane, Marian Gade,Caroline Kane, C. Roger Glassey, Iola James, Allan Jensen

UC Davis: Susan Barnes, Charles E. Hess, Barbara Nichols, Deanna Falge Pritchard, John Vohs

UC Irvine: Jeri I. Frederick, Cal McLaughlin, Ronald Miller, Lyman Porter, Marianne Schnaubelt

UC Los Angeles: Charles Berst, John Dahl, Adrian Harris, Ralph Johnson

UC Riverside: Dericksen Brinkerhoff, Joan Dillon, Ira Hendrick, Betty Howe, Les Martin, Anthony Norman, Tom Payne

UC San Diego: Richard Attiyeh, Marjorie Caserio, Marguerite Jackson, Linda Levy, Carmel Myers, Rosemary Norling, Hugh Pates

UC San Francisco: Sandra Norberg, Dorothy Rice

UC Santa Barbara: William Ashby, Jeri Frederick, Tippi Laurence, W. Douglas Morgan

UC Santa Cruz: Jennifer Anderson, Dave Dodson, Lee Duffus, John Marcum, Mary Silver

LBNL:  Janis Dairiki

LLNL: Jeff Garberson, John Pitts

UCOP: Joe Lewis (RASC), Cheryl Lloyd (Casualty Programs Insurance) by phone,  LaVonne Rochon (CUCRA rep.), Michael Waldman (RASC), Anne Wolf (New Dimensions)


Introductions and Call to Order:


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by co-chairs Lee Duffus and Doug Morgan.  D Morgan Welcomed the group and each attendee introduced him/herself.

L Duffus thanked UC Riverside for their hospitality, especially Tonty Norman, Les Martin, and Allison Tavaglione.  He asked that sign-in sheet being circulated be signed.


Approval of Minutes:

        The minutes of the November 1, 2012 Joint Meeting (at UCSC) were corrected to note April 23-24 as correct dates for Spring Meeting and note that Joe Jacklewitz is with Berkeley Lab, not Livermore.  The minutes were approved as corrected.

Format and Timing Preference for UCOP Data:

        Louise Taylor continues to try to get common date from UCOP.  She is being assisted by Joe Lewis and his staff.  L Taylor circulated an example of the data fields she has requested as useful to campuses.  Berkeley and Davis are receiving these data now; the report can be provided to all campuses in delimited text or Excel.  The Centers will receive data in April and September and lists will pick up most who will retire in July or December.  If campus has no Center, then necessary to find Department who has authority to receive information (Human Resources likely to be the Department).  This is because of confidentiality issues.  J Lewis noted there is a project underway to replace the pension administration data management system and changes will be seen soon.  L Taylor thanked Derickson Brinkerhoff who has been instrumental in getting data for all campuses. 

Preview of Fall 2013 Meeting at UC San Francisco:

        Sandra Norberg noted it has been difficult to get space for the meeting and the dates have been changed to November 4 and 5.  Monday, November 4, CUCRA; Tuesday AM, November 5, Joint Meeting; Tuesday PM, CUCEA.  Meetings will be at Mission Bay facility.  Hotels in the area are about $200 per night.  Transportation is being worked out with super shuttle to hotel or BART (airport to hotel).  Parking is always a problem in SF.  It was suggested S Norberg explore possibility of getting a "government rate" for rooms and to continue to negotiate to get costs down.

Campus Introduction and Welcome:

        This session of the meeting was opened by one of the UC Riverside World Renowned Pipers, Mike Terry (a UCR graduate).  After his rousing introductory tune, Tony Norman introduced Interim Chancellor Jane Close Conoley who provided a brief history of the campus.  UC Riverside was started 60 years ago on a campus that had previously been an agricultural research station.  It was founded as a liberal arts college that has grown into a research university.  The faculty in the School of Engineering are among the top ranked in citations, UCR recently received the UC President's Award for "Healing Highlanders" for students with addiction disorders.  UC Irvine is very ethnically diverse, and this year filled 3300 openings from among 49,000 applicants.  Sixty percent graduate in 4 years, with most of the remainder completing degrees in 5 or 6 years.  In a recent Chronicle of Higher Education Study, UCR is the only UC Campus with major outreach to students from families with no higher education.  In addition, many UCR faculty are the first in their family to graduate from college.  The goal is to become a AA University and to promote "Excellence through Diversity".  UCR will be hiring new faculty this year, and has established a new School of Public Policy that expects to accept MS and PhD students in 2014. 

        UCR will also have the first new medical school in California in 40 years.  They are currently interviewing 77 students from among over 2400 applicants.  Fifty will be selected for the first class.  One focus for selection is an interest in primary care.  Of those 50, there are 24 spots for UCR students.  Eventually the medical school will grow to 80 and then 120 students.  UCR will not have a campus-based medical center but will use local hospitals/clinics in a model based on community improvement.  Their hope is that most of their students will return to Riverside and San Bernardino counties to practice.  She noted that three factors predict where an MD will practice: 1) where grew up, 2) where did residency, 3) how much debt they have.  UCR is working out a scholarship-loan program that forgives debt for MDs who commit to pediatrics and stay in the area. 

        Dr. Conoley thanked emeriti faculty and staff for their continuing contributions to UCR and to the University of California. 

Report from UCOP:

        Joe Lewis provided an update on the Retirement Administration Services Center (RASC) and UC Net (formerly "At Your Service").  RASC is interested in working with the retiree organizations at the two laboratories (Los Alamos and Livermore) and Ann Wolf is the point person for the Office of the President Lab Management Office. 

        Ann Wolf previewed changes for the various UCOP websites and "At Your Service".  This project has been going on for about 4 years coincident with restructuring at UCOP.  There will be three new sites.  She also showed mock-ups of their appearance although they are not live yet.

UCal -- systemwide, outward-facing, dynamic, conveying vision

UCOP -- outward and inward-facing, information about organization, governance, programs, resources

UCNet -- to replace "At Your Service", systemwide, inward-facing, central hub for timely news and information, HR information, tools/resources, portal to jobs, policies, data; for community building

       There will also be a "Retiree page" anticipated live by June.

Employees have UCPATH that is parallel to UCNet for retirees.

A Wolf asked attendees to be alert to request for beta test for website and to please participate and provide feedback. 

J Lewis announced he will begin phased retirement July 1st and Ellen Lorenz will be assuming his responsibilities.  She will report to Gary Schlimgen who will become Executive Director of RASC.  Current staff will remain.  Joe will continue as CUCRA/CUCEA liaison for next 1-2 years. 

        New Dimensions will be mailed May 1.  The Health Plan bid process is underway but will not include Kaiser, Western Health Advantage, and Optimum Behavioral Health.  All other providers are included in the bid process.  In 2014 there will be a new HMO network (similar to Kaiser), Anthem PPO, and a High Option Plan.  There is a new UC Care design/system around UC Medical Centers (similar to Aetna about 10 years ago).    

        Michael Waldman reviewed changes for retirement counseling. How it is handled is up to each campus.  There are currently 54,000 retirees, 32,000 former employees (vested), and 189,000 active employees.  Eventually RASC will serve only retirees.  Overall satisfaction with the RASC's services is 8.1/9 in a recent survey.  About 87% of contacts are by phone.  Customer profile: 40% active retirees, 23% former employees (vested), and 19% active/employee/rehires

        A question was asked about whether information collected by RASC can be split out by locations and by subject.  M Waldman said this is possible.

Out-of State Medicare Coordination RFP (affects about 4000 people):

        Goal is to understand evolving market offerings, expand range of options available outside CA, and to identify individual plans to align more closely to needs. The basis for this program is Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) that can allow each family member to select his/her own plan.

        There are no plans to expand this plan to California retirees at this time.

        Next steps are to evaluate vendor RFP responses and to make decision whether or not to establish contact; 2 vendors are currently being evaluated.


Liability Insurance Policy Renewal for Associations:

        Each association needs to complete the questionnaire for each campus.  This is being handled by UCOP.  email: or phone: 510-977-0742.


Report of the Joint Benefits Committee:


It was noted that CUCEA had approved the report at its meeting of April 23, and that CUCRA would take up the report in the April 24 afternoon meeting.


Chair Adrian Harris stated that the report stood for itself, and that he was open to comments and questions.  The report was distributed and is accessible online on the CUCEA and CUCRA websites. and



Minimum Required Distribution for Taxes:

There will be an article in New Dimensions in May 2013 about this.  Fidelity will allow each person to name funds and will allow withholding to be specified.  Fidelity has been very helpful.  A CalSTRS document on this topic will be provided to UCOP as it includes very clear explanations of the MRD rules. 


Center Director Reports:


Sue Barnes: UC Davis:

         Moved to new space with an extra office for representatives, e.g., Fidelity; HC Facilitator during Open Enrollment for individual appointments

         Quarterly campus tours for Association members

         Make retirees important to campus activities (Alumni Assn, etc.); retiree input to new designs; recruitment for research studies

         Donors for funding for mailings of RC materials; catering for events (by LTC group)


Patrick Cullinane: UC Berkeley:

         Individual meetings scheduled with Fidelity representatives

         Older Americans month -- 4 workshops on care giving, estate planning, end of life, living arrangements

         Learning series continue

         Caregiver support group with eldercare program on campus


Linda Levy: UC San Diego

         Retirement Association has 1500 members with 1600 anticipated by June

         Community partners help sponsor events

         Multiple interest groups ongoing

         Good partnership with Health Sciences

         Mentoring program for Chancellor's Scholars


No report from UCLA; UC Irvine report provided on back table.


D Morgan thanked the UCR hosts again and also the attendees from UCOP for keeping us updated.



        The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 am.



Respectfully submitted,



Marguerite Jackson

CUCRA Secretary


First draft: 6/1/2013