Minutes:  CUCEA Meeting

April 25, 2012

UC Irvine



CUCEA Officers:  W. Douglas Morgan (SB) Chair Elect/EA President; Charles Hess (D) Past Chair; Charles Berst (LA) Past Chair/Honorary Member; Louise E. Taylor (B) Past Chair/Information Officer; Lyman W. Porter (I) Treasurer; Marjorie Caserio (SD) Web Manager/Editor; William Ashby (SB) Secretary/Campus Representative; Ralph Johnson (LA) Archivist/Historian/Alternate Campus Rep; Adrian Harris (LA) Joint Benefits Committee Chair.

Emeriti Association Presidents: Bill Rains (D) EA President/Campus Representative; Ed Epstein (B); Ted Quilligan (I) EA President/Campus Representative; Anthony Norman (R) EA President/Campus Representative.

Emeriti Association Representatives and Alternates: C. Roger Glassey (B); Paul Sheats (LA); Barbara Hamkalo (I); Dorothy Rice (SF); Michael Warren (SC).

CUCRA Officers: Marian Gade (B) Chair; Lee Duffus (SC) Vice-Chair.

Center Directors: Patrick Cullinane (B); Susan Barnes (D); Jeri I. Frederick (I); Eddie Murphy (LA); Suzan Cioffi (SD).

Guests: Judy Horn (I); Ron Jevning (I); Janis Dairiki (LBNL);  Dericksen Brinkerhoff (R);

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m.by Chair Elect Morgan, in the absence of Chair Newbrun.

Minutes of the October 27, 2011 Meeting:

Copies of the minutes from the October 27, 2011 meeting at UC Davis were distributed and are also available on the CUCEA website (http:cucea.ucsd.edu).  The minutes were approved unanimously.

Officers’ Reports:

Chair’s Report:

Chair Elect Morgan directed attention to the April, 2012 issue of the CUCEA Newsletter, distributed at the meeting and also available on the CUCEA website (http:cucea.ucsd.edu).  On page 6 of the Newsletter can be found Chair Newbrun’s “Letter from the Chair,” which also serves as his report.

Chair Elect’s Report:

Chair Elect Morgan did not make a formal report.

Secretary’s Report:

William Ashby had no additional report apart from the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lyman Porter noted that we are in the middle of the fiscal year and that, consequently, his report should be read as an interim one.  He then distributed copies of spreadsheets showing CUCEA’s net worth as of 3/31/12 and dues payments over 4 years.  He noted that travel expenses had been higher than in past years, and that CUCEA’s net worth had consequently fallen compared to the 2011 balance.  Nevertheless CUCEA maintains a net worth of approximately $23,000.  In view of this healthy reserve, he did not recommend increasing dues at this time. 

Paul Sheats asked about the travel expenses of the Panunzio committee representative from outside UCLA.  Half of the expenses were to be paid by UCLA and half by CUCEA.  Lyman Porter said he had received no request for reimbursement.    

Information Officer’s Report:

Louise Taylor presented the following report:

The Information Officer is responsible for maintaining the CUCEA Roster of Officers, EA Presidents, Representatives and other members.  The Emeriti Association Presidents have been a great help in keeping the CUCEA List current.  I would like to remind you to provide updates, if you have new Officers or CUCEA representatives so that I can distribute an updated 2012-13 List.

Daniel Scuiry advised me that UCOP would produce their standard demographic report twice a year – in April and September.  I notified the Campus Directors and EA Presidents that this report would be made available to any interested campus.  Only a few replied; however, I think we were able to cover those campuses that wished to receive the information.  Recall, these data are considered confidential and can only be sent to an authorized University employee.  As retirees, we are unable to receive personal data.

Procedures changed this winter on the distribution of annuitant death reports for campuses.  Although I have begged to have all campus’s monthly reports sent to me, UCOP’s data sharing policy will not allow it.  I have sent Daniel the email addresses of those folks to whom I sent these reports; however, it will be up to each campus to inform him, if the recipient changes.  His email address is: Daniel Scuiry Daniel.Scuiry@ucop.edu.  It will also be the responsibility of those on each campus to notify the CUCEA Chair or me, if a CUCEA member passes away.

It is a pleasure working with everyone.  E-mail is wonderful and brings me closer to so many of you with our brief exchanges.                         

Some discussion ensued about the new policy on annuitant death reports. 

ACTION:  It was decided that Doug Morgan, Louise Taylor, and Marian Gade would draft a letter of concern to Daniel Sciury at UCOP, stressing the usefulness to CUCEA members of having the reports from all the campuses. 

Web Manager/Editor’s Report:

Marjorie Caserio distributed copies of the April, 2012 CUCEA Newsletter.  She especially offered thanks to Charles Young for the keynote article.  Marjorie raised the possibility of eventually establishing an editorial board for the Newsletter. In the absence of a formal editorial board, she invited suggestions for articles in future issues.  Doug Morgan invited several Council members with long history in CUCEA  to contribute an article.  Louise Taylor appreciated the awards section in the Newsletter, but was disappointed that not al campuses were included.  Discussion followed about the difficulty of obtaining data on emeriti awards.  

Archivist/Historian’s Report:

Ralph Johnson distributed the following report:

When CUCEA was only eight years in 1996, Norah Jones was appointed the Council’s Archivist. She and I were able to acquire papers that still existed from various officers and were used in assembling the archives. Historian Ralph Nair contributed a complete set of the minutes and a variety of miscellaneous papers, and the UCLA Emeriti Association’s archives had many CUCEA-related papers which could be transferred. The arrangement of the papers was patterned after the UCLA Emeriti Association’s Archives, which we organized in 1993. Access to materials in the archives is through the “Guide to the Archives of the Council of California Emeriti Associations,” the most recent edition being October 2011 and may be viewed on the CUCEA website.

The “Pre-History” folder contains Claude Fawcett’s “Brief History of the Formative Years” and its four attachments with titles as follows:

“THE COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA EMERITI ASSOCIATIONS: A Brief History of the Formative Years” By Claude W. Fawcett, dated 4-18-’90. (7 pages). It contains four attachments as follows:

Attachment 1: [Report of the University Committee on Faculty Welfare (UCFW)   Subcommittee on Emeriti Welfare], dated June 4, 1986. Subcommittee members: Peggy B. Musgrave, Chair; Darrell A. Amyx; and Claude W. Fawcett. (6 pages) This document is popularly known as The Musgrave Report. Norah Jones referred to it as the “Magna Carta” for emeriti. I don’t know if that was her idea or someone else.

Attachment 2: Marjorie Caserio’s letter as Chair of the Academic Senate, Academic Council of the University of California to President David P. Gardner, dated July 28, 1986 which forwarded the report in Attachment in 1. (2 pages)

Attachment 3: Letter of William R. Frazer, Senior Vice President-Academic Affairs, to University Professor Neil J. Smelser, Chair, Academic Council, Office of the Academic Council “responding to the letter from Professor Marjorie Caserio to President Gardner, dated July 28, 1986 …” Letter dated November 19, 1986. (2 pages)

Attachment 4: CONSTITUTION of A COUNCIL OF UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA EMERITI ASSOCIATIONS. Not dated. (4 pages). Includes the Bylaws. [CUCEA now only has Bylaws.]

I am including a copy of Norah Jones’ “Historian’s Report - April 26, 2007 (Irvine),” since it describes the first CUCEA meeting at UCI.

Norah Jones’ report is appended to the minutes and is also available on the CUCEA web site. 

Acting chair Morgan read a letter from John Craig, who wished to resign as CUCEA Historian after 21 years of service.  Charles Hess suggested that Doug Morgan, on behalf of CUCEA, write a letter of thanks to John Craig.

ACTION: Doug Morgan will write to John Craig on behalf of the entire Council.

Bio-bibliography Survey:

Charles Berst has not yet identified a Co-Chair, as was suggested at the last meeting.  He reminded members that, per the Bylaws, it is the responsibility of Campus Representatives to administer the Survey on their campuses.  He noted the “positive” and “immense” feedback that CUCEA received following the last Survey.  He noted that the next Survey will be initiated in the fall of 2012.  Both paper and on-line questionnaires will be made available.

Adrian Harris suggested that a list of financial donations to UC by emeriti should be appended to the next Survey report.  Data can be obtained from the campus  Development offices.

In discussion of the effectiveness of the Survey, Charles Hess noted that the last Survey was distributed to various committees studying post-retirement benefits and that the response was very positive.  He noted that the full Survey report was appended to the final report of the President's Task Force on Post Employment Benefits, which went to the Regents.  It was also noted that the Survey had had an impact on the campus level, as it was distributed widely on each campus, including the Chancellors.

Campus Reports:

Ed Epstein (B), Bill Rains (D), Ted Quilligan (I), Paul Sheats (LA), Tony Norman (R), Marjorie Caserio (SD), Dorothy Rice (SF), Bill Ashby (SB), and Michael Warren (SC) each presented a summary of Emeriti Association activities on their campuses.  Copies of the reports were distributed and all will be posted on the CUCEA website (http:cucea.ucsd.edu).

New Business:

      Changes to the CUCEA Bylaws

Proposed changes to the Bylaws were distributed via e-mail in advance of the meeting.  Doug Morgan invited Louise Taylor to highlight the proposed changes.  There was some discussion, especially about appointment of members to the Joint Benefits Committee.  Some felt that continuity and historical memory were key, while others felt that there should be a term limit. 

The Bylaws committee will refine the draft and resubmit it to campus representatives via e-mail.

ACTION: Bylaws Committee will revise the proposed changes in the Bylaws and submit the new version to campus representatives for approval by their boards.  Representatives will have a minimum of 4 weeks to approve or propose amendments to the changes.

Joint Benefits Committee:

Adrian Harris presented the following report:

CUCEA and CUCRA function, among other things, as partners and advisors to the Office of the President on matters relating to retirees, annuitants, and retirement benefits.  JBC, as an agent of both Associations, advises CUCEA and CUCRA by providing insights and information to aid in their partnership with the Office of the President. 

With respect to various issues related to Health Care, we have a number of concerns and questions that we hope representatives of OP attending our April 2012 meeting can clarify.

(1) Health Care Benefits Work Group:  We have been informed that Vice President Dwaine Duckett has appointed a new Health Care Benefits Work Group and we would like to know the names of the members, their charge, and the current status of their deliberations.  We have made our feelings about Health Care known in past reports.  Our retirement payments are fixed, and will not increase in order to cover additional costs of health care, in contrast to what will likely be done in future years for active employees through salary increases.  Further, older people generally require far more doctor’s visits and prescription drugs, so the higher the co-payments become, the greater impact on annuitants.  In addition, we do not have the ability to fund health care costs from before-tax income, as do active employees through Flexible Spending Accounts.  In addition to the questions (above) on the new Health Care Benefits Work Group, it would be good to know the forward thinking of the President’s Office regarding annuitant health care coverage and costs we will be expected to cover.

(2) Generic Drug Quality And Formulary Changes:  Concern has continued with respect to the rapid movement from brand-named drugs to generics, resulting from the expiration of drug patents.  The quality of generics, many produced in a variety of foreign countries, varies widely, resulting in different results from using generics compared to the brand-named drugs.  It is our belief that UC should have only the highest standards for accepting generic drugs.  In addition, University attention is needed to problems created when a Plan, e.g., Anthem, changes prescription providers and brings in a whole new formulary.  Provisions should be made to help those impacted beyond the minimal help
required by Medicare.

(3) Fidelity Withholding Requirement on MRDs:  More than a year has passed, and Fidelity has maintained its corporate policy, which mandates that for MRD payments, State withholding must be 10% of Federal withholding.  This matter has been raised by the JBC Chair directly with their Corporate Office, and UCOP has done likewise through their contacts, but no change has been made.  While Fidelity has made a "one-time" exception two years ago that allowed an individual to name the specific amounts of both Federal and State withholding desired, they said it would not necessarily be done again.  This Corporate policy affects everyone residing in a State that collects Income Tax and must be changed to allow individuals to determine the exact amounts of both Federal and State withholding desired from each MRD payment.  If they are unwilling to modify their policy, they should confirm that exceptions to this policy will be allowed at the request of affected individuals.  If Fidelity is unwilling to cater to the interests of the University, the University should consider changing vendors.

(4) Federal Tax Laws - Lobby For Changes:  Two issues have come before us that are related to current Federal Tax Laws.  The first was raised by a retired member of a recognized single-sex relationship who was concerned that she had to pay Income Tax on the imputed value of the Health Care Insurance provided by the University for her partner.  This is clearly a Federal Tax Code problem, which will likely only be resolved through legislative change.

The second concerns the differences in treatment between those who do not receive full Social Security retirement benefits, and those who do.  The first group consists of those whose Social Security benefits are small because they did not coordinate with Social Security, but qualified through other means.  Many of these people must relinquish most, if not all, of their Social Security benefits, and in some cases, they have to pay the Federal government monthly an additional sum to maintain their Medicare coverage.  This group, and those who did not coordinate with Social Security at all, have saved the University significant amounts of money over the years of their employment.

The second group consists of those who receive full Social Security retirement benefits, because they are coordinated with Social Security.  This group and those who have no Social Security benefits at all are treated in a much more beneficial fashion by the University than the first group.

With respect to these discriminatory laws, we believe the University should join other organized groups and take an active role in lobbying for changes in existing Federal Laws.

(5) JBC Reports And Coordination With Senate’s Health Care Task Force:  The Chair of the JBC has spoken with Robert May, Chair of the Senate’s Health Care Task Force and they have agreed that it would be useful to coordinate related activities as appropriate with JBC.  It was agreed that copies of our JBC Reports to CUCEA and CUCRA should be sent directly to the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Senate and Faculty Welfare Committee, and to the Chair of the Health Care Task Force.  This can either be done directly by the JBC Chair or through the CUCEA Chair, and should be resolved at this meeting.

We continue to look forward to cordial and cooperative relations with OP staff with whom we deal, for the mutual benefit of the University and its family of annuitants.

There was discussion especially of item (1) in the report, relating to the Health Care Benefits Work Group.  The membership approved a draft letter written by Chair Elect Morgan to Vice President Dwaine Duckett that addressed points 1 -3 of the JBC Report.  It was decided that Chair Elect Morgan, along with Marian Gade, Chair of CUCRA, would write a similar letter to Dwaine Duckett requesting more information about the Health Care Benefits Work Group’s charge and membership, as well as repeating our concerns about Extend Health that were discussed at the Fall 2011 meeting.

ACTION:  Doug Morgan, along with Marian Gade, will write to Vice President Duckett.

CUCEA and Emeriti Associations defined as Affiliated Organizations

In a letter dated March 26, 2012, President Yudof formally recognizes CUCEA, CUCRA, campus Emeriti Associations and Retirees Associations as UC Affiliated Organizations. This recognition implies liability insurance as well as other benefits.  Questions of implementation remain.  It is anticipated that clarification will be provided by OP representatives at the joint CUCEA/CUCRA meeting on April 26.

Nominating Committee Report

Doug Morgan, chair of the Nominating Committee presented the following report:

Bylaws (2005): Officers shall be elected or confirmed yearly by the Council, and representatives shall normally succeed each other on July 1.


Council Officers include the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Information Officer, Web Manager, Archivist and Historian.  The Secretary, Treasurer, Information Officer, Web Manager, Archivist and Historian are elected for two year terms in even years, and are confirmed to continue in odd years. If the proposed Bylaws are approved, this will apply to the Chair and Chair-Elect also.

The Nominating Committee, which included Marjorie Caserio, Doug Morgan and Louise Taylor, recommends the following slate of officers:

Chair 2012-13        

Doug Morgan

Chair-Elect 2012-13

John Marcum

Secretary 2012-14

William Ashby

Treasurer 2012-14

Lyman Porter  

Information Officer 2012-14

Louise Taylor

Web Manager/Editor 2012-14

Marjorie Caserio

Archivist /Historian 2012-14

Ralph Johnson


The Nominating Committee recommends that the 2012-13 Chair and Chair-Elect remain for a second year, in order to provide much needed continuity in leadership.

It was moved and seconded that the proposed slate of officers be approved.  The slate   was unanimously approved.

Fall Meeting at UCSC

Michael Warren announced that the next meetings of CUCEA and CUCRA will be on October 31 and November 1.  The meetings will be held at the Hilton hotel in Scotts Valley.  A dinner will be held on campus on October 31.  More information will be forthcoming.

Respectfully submitted,

William J. Ashby


First draft:  4/28/2012

Revised:  5/4/2012