Report of the UCLA Emeriti Association, April 28, 2010


New Officers Nominated.  At our April meeting, the Executive Board nominated Carmine Clemente as our next Vice President/President Elect.

Carmine will take office in June, 2011.  Jane Permaul was nominated as Treasurer, and Ralph Johnson as Corresponding Secretary.   Maria Seraydarian was nominated as Member-at-Large, and earlier in the year John Edmond was elected Member-at-Large, to replace H.A. Kelly. 


Lecture and Dinner Programs. Our monthly after-lunch talks continue to be popular.   In January Michael Jung spoke on “What an Organic Chemist Can Do to Treat Hormone-Refractory Prostate Cancer.”   Our February dinner program was particularly successful, both for culinary excellence and a fine lecture, by               James S. Louie, M.D.  on  “Renoir: His Art and His Arthritis,” which coincided with an exhibit of late Renoir at the Los Angeles County Museum.   In March we heard Karen Cooney speak on “Death During Recession: Coffin Costs and Tomb

Robbery in Ancient Egypt,” and in April Thomas Hines spoke on “Hollywood and Uncle Sam: Richard Neutra and the Great Depression.”   At our third dinner meeting in May we will hear Professor Leonard Freedman on “Political Satire:The Offensive Art.”


Award Winners.  The same evening we will honor four winners of

the Dickson Emeritus Professorship: Malcolm Cole (Music), H.A.Kelly (English),  Andrzej  Korbonski (Political Science),  and Gary Nash (History).


Arts and Crafts Show.   Later in May our annual Arts and Crafts Show will

exhibit the work of over 30 artists, emeritus and emerita; the featured artist will be Dorothea Frederking.   A generous bequest to our Arts and Crafts Program was received this spring from the estate of Sylvia Winstein, a long-time friend of the arts and UCLA.


Other Mentionables.  Like other Emeriti Associations, we have spent a good deal of time and energy this year monitoring the progress of the Post-Retirement Benefits Taskforce and the Commission on the Future,  attempting to establish the perpective of the emeriti in both arenas.   Our revivified Speaker’s Program is now underway, and we will begin a pilot mentoring program next fall.    We are also planning an award for student achievement.    Next year’s President will be Donna Vredevoe, Professor Emerita of Nursing and former Vice-Chancellor for Faculty Relations at UCLA. 


Finally,  we at UCLA have suffered three grievous losses in this, our 43rd year: Marian Broome, founding Director of the Emeriti and Retiree Relations Center at UCLA,  Jeanne Giovannoni, past President and faithful volunteer, and Norah Jones.   To this report I append a brief biography of Norah, whom you will all remember as CUCEA’s former Archivist and Historian, written by Ralph Johnson, Norah’s successor as CUCEA Archivist, and our Recording Secretary, Barbara Rapaport. 


Norah E. Jones


The UCLA Emeriti Association lost a mainstay with the passing of Norah Elspeth Jones on March 10, 2010.  Her lengthy career in the UCLA Library began in 1944 as a clerk, continued as a professional who became the founding Chief Librarian of the newly-created College Library, and concluded as Head of Technical Services in the University Research Library from 1970 until her retirement in 1986.


In retirement, Norah brought her leadership and organizational skills to the UCLA Emeriti Association, where her achievements were no less extraordinary.  She served as Archivist, Chair of the Book Exchange and Membership Committees, Co-Editor of the Newsletter and the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws, until ill-health prevented her continuing involvement.  She could always be counted on for the appropriate response to procedural questions.  When Marian Broome,  the founding Director of the Emeriti Retirees Relations Center, retired at the end of December, 1997, Norah served as Interim Director until the current Director, Eddie Murphy, arrived in May, 1998.   She again took on the responsibility of Interim Director from December, 1999 until May, 2000, while Eddie Murphy was recovering from an accident.  For her invaluable service and unstinting generosity of time and energy to the Association,  Norah was named “Emerita of the Year” in 2003, and last spring received the Association’s rarely awarded Lifetime Distinguished Service Award.


She was also for many years Archivist and Historian of the statewide Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) and in 2003 was elected as the third Honorary Member of that group.


Ralph Johnson and Barbara Rapaport