Š      The Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA) was officially constituted on October 29, 1987 at a meeting held at Berkeley of representatives of the emeriti associations of all (nine at that time) of the University’s campuses.  This meeting was the culmination of a twenty-year period of development which began with the formation of the UCLA Emeriti Association in 1967 and continued through the gradual establishment of parallel associations on the other eight campuses.  (See section X below for records from this pre-1987 period.)


Š      The Council operates on an academic year basis, meeting twice a year in October and April and generally alternating the place of meeting between a northern and a southern campus.


Š      These archives are arranged in a sequence of sections that attempts to proceed from the general to the specific:  general operational papers are followed by minutes of Council meetings, papers of Council chairs and other officers, papers of committees, papers regarding principal issues of concern, papers representing liaison relationships with other entities, a file of CUCEA newsletters, and certain post-1987 papers of individual campuses.  A final section organizes pre-1987 records of the developments, both general and on individual campuses, that led to the formation of CUCEA.  In cases where a particular document seems appropriate to more than one file, duplicate copies have been included.


Š      Users of specific sections of these archives may also find it helpful to consult contemporaneous reports in the Council’s minutes.


Š      Folders for each category as well as documents within them are arranged in reverse chronological order.  In cases where the accumulation of records has become too bulky to allow accommodation in a single folder, appropriate groupings by date in multiple folders have been provided, with reverse chronological order maintained.




            I.            General Papers


University Policy Affecting Emeriti – Official University-wide      statements of policy pertinent to emeriti, both administrative and from the Academic Senate.


General History – Documents of any date which summarize a segment of CUCEA history exceeding the term of a single Council chair.


Bylaws – Sequential revisions of the Bylaws, together with any proposals for revision.


Meeting Arrangements – Instructions, advice, suggestions and reminders to facilitate the planning for CUCEA meetings.


Officers and Campus Representatives – Lists, often cumulative, of  the names of officers and of the representatives appointed by the individual campuses.


Officers - Liability Coverage


Biography – Any biographical materials on CUCEA officers and campus representatives. 


Photographs – Any photographs, both individual and group, of CUCEA officers and campus representatives, many of these taken on occasions of regular Council meetings.


Honorary Council Members – Chronological records of the elections by the Council, in accordance with the CUCEA Bylaws, Article I, Section C, of individuals as Honorary Council Members in recognition of their “exceptional contributions on behalf of UC emeriti.”  (Further documents concerning these individuals may be found in the immediately-preceding “Biography” and “Photographs” folders.)


II.                 Minutes of Council Meetings – Announcements and advance agendas of Council meetings, draft and official minutes of these meetings, and copies of all attachments or appendices to the minutes, as well as any documents distributed in the course of the meetings.  Each academic year has its individual outer folder, with two separate inner folders containing all records of the fall and spring meetings respectively.


III.               Papers of Chairs – Documents (e.g. correspondence, memoranda, etc.) produced by, or during the term of, each Council chair which are not specific to another file in this arrangement. A separate folder is provided for each chair.


IV.               Papers of Other Officers – Documents reflecting the work of the six further Council officers: Archivist, Historian, Information Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, and Web Manager.


                                The Treasurer’s records, which are quite voluminous, have been divided into the following categories to facilitate access:  General Papers, Reports to Council, Budget, Dues, Academic Council Support, Travel Expenses, Miscellaneous Expenses, Bank Statements, and Income Tax.


V.                 Papers of Committees – Documents generated by any committees officially appointed by the Council (working papers, reports, etc.):


Communications Committee (1992)

Investment Oversight Committee (2002-   )

Nominating Committee (1996 -   )

Research Committee (1989/90)



VI.               Issues of Concern to CUCEA – Separate files of documents relating to major issues which have been identified as being of ongoing or recurrent concern:


Academic Senate By Law 45

Death Notices

Academic Senate By Law 55

History of Emeriti Centers

Academic Senate By Law 175


Association of Retirement

“In Memoriam”

Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE)

Librarians, Status of Retired

Benefits (General)

Nearest Campus Membership


“New Dimensions”

       Domestic Partners

Office and Laboratory Space

Benefits (Financial)

Office of Intellectual Property

       Actuarial Assumptions

  Administration (OIPA)

       COLAs/Purchasing Power

Panunzio Award

       Death Benefits


       Tax Deferred 403 (b) Plan

Phased Retirement

Benefits (Health)


       Health Care Facilitators


       Long Term Care

Rights and Privileges


Statewide Senate Emeriti Committee

       Vision Care

Surveys (CUCEA)

Biobibliographic Surveys

Symposium on Senior Health Care

California State University and Colleges


Communication among CUCEA Members

Telephone Directory

Customer Service Center   

Titles for Emeriti


UCRS Advisory Board Representation





VII.             Liaisons between CUCEA and Other University Entities – Separate folders of documents produced as the result of formally established liaison relationships between CUCEA and other entities within the University system:


Compensation and Benefits Strategy Task Force (CBS)


Joint Benefits Committee

Post-Employment Benefits Task Force

President’s Office


UCRS Advisory Board

University Faculty Welfare Committee


VIII.           Newsletters – A file of all issues of any newsletters published by CUCEA.


IX.              Individual Campuses – Separate files of CUCEA-related post-1987 documents generated by the emeriti associations on each of the ten campuses (e.g. campus reports to the Council on local activities; newsletters, brochures, etc. distributed to sister campuses as shared information).


(The existence of this category in the CUCEA archives does not obviate the need for each campus to set up and maintain appropriate archives for its own local emeriti association, something strongly recommended and encouraged by CUCEA.)


X.                Pre-History – All pre-1987 records documenting the development of the concept of a statewide affiliation of the emeriti associations being formed on the University’s then-nine campuses:


General – Those records having to do with relationships between two or more campuses:


1975-1981 – Documentation of efforts, spearheaded chiefly by Meridian Ball of the UCLA campus, to encourage establishment of emeriti associations on all nine campuses and to foster collegial interaction among them.


1983-1987 – Documentation of the successful efforts, spearheaded chiefly by Claude Fawcett of UCLA, to establish within the framework of the University a federation of the nine campus-based emeriti associations.


Individual Campuses – Any duplicate records pertaining to the development of each campus-based emeriti association and to each separate association’s efforts to relate to sister associations on other campuses.  (Originals of such records belong primarily in each association’s own archive.)




Ralph Johnson

CUCEA Archivist


November 2012