For Winter 2010 Newsletter





All Emeriti Association members have good reason to be pleased and very grateful that 314 of our colleagues have responded so far to the statewide 2007-2009 emeriti biobibliographic survey—a record contribution to the case for sustaining emeriti benefits as high as possible in years to come.


Given the state’s drastic cuts in UC funding, and the consequent fact that the University is scrutinizing its “unsustainable” support of retiree benefits, a scrutiny scheduled to result in budget-saving deliberations this spring, the survey’s results  should be in hand by that crucial time.


So that campus emeriti associations may most optimally meet this goal (and to allow for those less prompt than ours) final survey tallies and reports from all will now be due in the third week of February. 


These will be compiled and printed here in a UC-wide report for early March distribution to the campus associations, statewide administrators, statewide Academic Senate officers, and, most particularly, to the many members of the President’s Task Force on Post-Employment Benefits.  Campus associations, in turn, will distribute copies to the local administrators and Senate officers they believe most appropriate.


This amended timeline gives emeriti who have not yet contributed to the survey a window of opportunity to still do so within the next week or two. 


Our indebtedness and thanks to all who have already responded are great indeed! but will expand with joy at every additional response, either by regular mail or especially via the net now, typically taking just ten or so minutes, at


Charles Berst

Survey Chair