The 2009-2012 Emeriti Biobibliographic Survey

Its Importance, Procedures, and Timetable


The Survey’s Extraordinary Importance

Welcome to the eighth round of our biobibliographic survey — a triennial one now! This survey could well be crucial in forwarding CUCEA’s support of emeriti benefits. In accord with this importance, the following guidelines are addressed to emeriti on each campus, including requests to campus emeriti association presidents and campus representatives to CUCEA for their help in monitoring and assuring an on-time, vigorous promotion of the survey.

The survey’s rate of response will be especially important in representing the broad base of emeriti activities as a UC asset. In 2009 the UC-wide response rate averaged 33%, a record. For a persuasive case, every campus should try to surpass its past average.

The Survey Timetable

During the first week of December, 2012,  or soon thereafter, emeriti will be contacted by their campus emeriti association president or campus representative to CUCEA regarding the importance of the survey and helpful information on its completion.  The survey is intended to reach all campus emeriti – not just the members of the campus emeriti association.

There is an online version of the survey - - an economical, timesaving option. Alternatively, a form can be downloaded, filled out and mailed to the campus emeriti association (hopefully in a stamped addressed envelope provided by the association). Whatever route is chosen, the results will be combined and tabulated by campus.

If responses are not received in January, reminders will go out in February and again in early March. By March 22nd a compilation of the paper and online survey results will include an engaging introductory summary and a composite survey data list following the format of previous surveys.

The need for strong participation by emeriti in the survey is now greater than ever before.  You may find the accompanying article on the CUCEA website “Exceptionally Dire Times Call for 2009-2012 Emeriti Biobib Survey” of interest. In any event, thank you for your help in contributing to the success of the survey.


Charles Berst

2009-2012 Biobib Survey Chair.