Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel




October 1, 2015


Dear Provosts, Deans, and Emeriti Association Presidents:


This is a call for nominations for the 2015-2016 Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award and an explanation of the nominating procedures.  Created by a bequest from Professor Panunzio of UCLA, the award honors outstanding scholarly work or educational service (e.g. service in professional, University, Academic Senate, emeriti, departmental or editorial posts, or committees) performed since retirement by a University of California emeritus or emerita in the Humanities or Social Sciences.


Each campus may set up its own procedures for nomination and selection.  Appropriate Deans on each campus, as well as the Provost or comparable officer, are asked to solicit nominations for this award from their constituent departments.  Candidates may also self-nominate at this stage. 


The complete supporting dossier must include:


¥  A cover letter outlining the nomineeÕs distinctive scholarly work and/or educational service since retirement,

¥  A Curriculum Vitae, and

¥  Supporting letters (2 minimum) from leaders in the field commenting specifically on the nomineeÕs achievements since retirement.


Below are some suggested guidelines and dates to facilitate this process: 


By Friday, December 4, 2015        Nominations submitted to the President of the

                                                            campusÕ Emeriti Association for review.


By Monday, January 4, 2016         Emeriti Association forwards recommendation(s) to

                                                            campus Provost (or comparable officer) for review.


By Friday, January 22, 2016          Suggested deadline for completion of ProvostÕs review

                                                            and approved nomination sent back to the Emeriti

                                                            Association for coordination of the formal dossier

                                                            (nomination package).


By Monday, February 29, 2016     Deadline for final nomination from each campus due

                                                            to Selection Committee. The Emeriti Association

                                                            President should inform the campusÕ Provost, Deans,

                                                            and pertinent Department Chairs of the final nominee.



Carefully observing the February 29, 2016 deadline, it is the responsibility of the Emeriti Association President to forward the campusÕ final nomination to:


Selection Committee

Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award

UCLA Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center

1116 Rolfe Hall, Box 951437

Los Angeles, CA  90095-1437 (for electronic submissions)


The selection committee will announce the awardee(s) on or before April 15, 2016.  The award, consisting of a cash prize and a certificate, will be presented on the campus of the recipient(s) at a program arranged by their respective campus.


If you have any questions regarding eligibility or the nomination procedure, please contact Professor Emeritus Stephen Cederbaum





Carole Goldberg

Chair, Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti Award Selection Committee

Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel



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