Constantine Panunzio Distinguished Emeriti

Award winners






Berkeley Davis Irvine Los Angeles Merced Riverside

San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara Santa Cruz



2009-2010    UCSC   Harry Berger, Jr., Literature

                        UCSD Arend Liphardt, Political Science


2008-2009    UCLA   Daniel Walker Howe, History

                        UCSC   Thomas F. Pettigrew, Psychology


2007‐2008    UCSB   Wallace Chafe Native American Linguistics

                       UCI      Robert Hine, Histography American West 


2006‐2007    UCSB   Robert O. Collins, History

UCSC   G. William Domhoff,  Sociology


2005‐2006    UCI      David Easton , Political Science


2004‐2005    UCSF   Virginia Olesen,  Social and Behavioral Sciences


2003‐2004    UCB     Gene Hammel , Demography

UCLA   Robert Stevenson,  Musicology


2002‐2003    UCD    Sarah Hrdy,  Anthropology


2001-2002    UCI      Ruth Kluger, German

UCLA   Ralph H. Turner,  Sociology


2000-2001    UCB     S. Leonard Syme , Epidemiology

UCSC   Hayden White,  History of Consciousness


1999-2000    UCLA   Eugene Weber,  History

UCD    Emmy Werner,  Human and Community Development


1998-1999    UCLA   Norman Thrower,  Geography


1997-1998    UCI      Renee Riese Hubert,  English and Comparative Literature


1996-1997    UCSB   Garrett Hardin,  Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies


1995-1996    UCSD  Avrum Stroll, Philosophy


1994-1995    UCLA   Gary Nash, History


1985‐1994 Dormant


1983-1984    UCB     Jean Brody,  Art History




CONSTANTINE PANUNZIO (1884 -1964) was a professor of sociology at UCLA from

1931 until his retirement in 1952. It is largely to Professor Panunzio that the UC emeriti owe the present pension system, established by The Board of Regents after they received a six-page memorandum from Professor Panunzio. Edward A. Dickson, who was Chairman of The Board of Regents at the time (1954), described Dr. Panunzio as the architect of the UC Retirement System. Thus, during the last dozen years of his life, Dr. Panunzio was instrumental in bringing about a substantial increase in the stipends of colleagues already retired at the University of California, in improving the retirement system at UC, and in discovering what the situation was for other retirees at institutions throughout the United States by launching a nationwide emeriti census in 1954.


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