October 28, 2010


The Council (CUCEA) recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions on behalf of UC emeriti by their election to the Council as Honorary Members.

Bylaws, Section I.C. (Revised 2005 version). Earlier Bylaws provided for up to three honorary CUCEA memberships, but the Revised 2005 Bylaws do not restrict the number of honorary members.

 Five individuals have been elected: Claude Fawcett in 1995 (deceased), Moses Greenfield in 1997, Ralph Nair in 1999 (deceased), Norah Jones in 2003 (deceased),  and Charles Berst in 2010.

 Claude Fawcett, 1911-1998. UCLA campus. “Claude Fawcett was nominated to be the first honorary Council member and was elected by acclamation.” Minutes, UC San Francisco, October 26, 1995.

 Moses Greenfield. UCLA campus. “Ralph Nair reported on the long history of Moses Greenfield’s participation in the affairs of CUCEA and then moved that he be elected to one of the three honorary CUCEA memberships permitted by the Bylaws ‘for exceptional pioneering contributions.’ The motion to elected [sic] Moses Greenfield to honorary CUCEA membership was approved by acclamation.” Minutes, UC Los Angeles, April 24, 1997.

 Ralph Nair, 1913-2006. UCSB campus. “Moses Greenfield pointed out that the By-Laws [sic] of CUCEA permit up to three honorary member[s]. Greenfield proposed Ralph Nair (SB) as an honorary member. The proposal was seconded and approved by acclamation. Nair will continue to hold office as Historian.” Minutes, UC Santa Barbara, April 29, 1999.

 Norah Jones, 1921-2010. UCLA campus. “In accord with By-Law Section IIC, Norah Jones was unanimously elected Honorary Member.” Minutes, UC Berkeley, May 1, 2003.

  Charles Berst. UCLA campus. “Charles Hess recommended that Chuck Berst be awarded an honorary membership in CUCEA on the basis of the exceptional contributions he has made on behalf of the UC emeriti through the publication of the biannual biobibliographic survey. The Council approved the recommendation and Chuck Berst will be made a permanent member of CUCEA.” Minutes, UC Berkeley, October 28, 2010.